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What makes Madonna, Madonna?

Taking a look at the Queen of Pop's birth chart

This year has been one of change and evolution for me. I didn't expect astrology to become such a strong part of my work, but this year the shift felt natural for me. The shift came because I loved getting to know myself better through looking at my own chart, and I want to share this with others.

When I ran goal-setting classes, there were always a couple of people in the group who were just so lost and confused about what goals they should set, or where they were in life. I totally understood how they felt, having gone through moments myself where I wished there was a guidebook to life that I could follow.

When I started studying astrology, I learnt that your birth chart is your own personal guidebook. If only I could go back through time to these people and pull up their birth charts and use that knowledge to help them.

Something that I have found fun and fascinating is looking at the charts of well-known people and seeing how the qualities in their birth chart have helped them in their careers. Today I kick-off a new video series where I take a brief high-level overview of a chart and pick up on the points that helped lead that person to where they are today. I started with Madonna, just because I wanted to.

Watch as I go through what makes Madonna, Madonna, including: + where she gets her determination, focus and work ethic from + the influence of Mercury (the planet of communication) on her career + how her work and creativity are fused

If there is someone whose chart you would like me to look at, let me know!

I've also been making weekly videos on the themes/energy etc. for the week ahead. Subscribe on YouTube, or follow me on the socials so you don't miss an update.


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