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What's luck got to do with it?

We have a part to play in creating our own luck.

Years ago I went on a cruise. I remember when I would tell people that I was about to go on holiday they would often say to me ‘aren’t you lucky!’.

I guess in some ways I was lucky that I had the freedom to go on a holiday, and to choose my destination. But that aside, I would look at the person and just think ‘I didn’t win the holiday. I saved my money, and made it happen’. 

It is so common to look at other people and think ‘oh, aren’t they lucky to have x or go y’. We forget that behind the scenes there is effort, determination and focus. 

We tell ourselves that only those who are luckier than us can have all the things: the property, the nice car, the fancy holidays, a successful career, thriving business, everlasting love. 

We play the ‘if only’ game. If only I made more money I could save more. If only I were fitter. If only I could meet new people, etc. etc. ... then I can have what they have.

But I believe that we are all equal in our lucky-ness, our specialness. The difference is that some people co-create with the Universe with what they want, others sit back and bemoan how nothing good comes their way. 

Play a game. If you can only spare $10 a week into a special savings account, then put that $10 in. Next month, double your contribution to $20 week, then $40 a week and so on. Soon you will start to feel momentum building and experience more money coming to you. 

The same goes for everything else: Build your fitness by walking 10min a day, then 20min, then maybe start to run. Talk to your manager or mentor about what you need to do to uplevel your career, and then dedicate time each week to developing these skills. Say yes every time someone invites you to go out or try a new activity—you never know who you might meet.

Flowers only grow in gardens where seeds are planted. So begin wherever you are at and plant the first seed today. 


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