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Your Kingdom, Your Throne

Full Moon in Leo

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Remember the opening scene of The Lion King when Rafiki presents baby Simba to the Kingdom? Back in August, at the New Moon in Leo, that was us. Only we were in the role of Rafiki presenting our new dreams to the world. Our precious, new dreams that looked out over the Kingdom, blinking at the view and a little overwhelmed about it all.

Six months have gone by. Our dreams have grown stronger. We have put the work in, perhaps gone on a detour of sorts and made new friends who have helped us along the way. We have felt pain and heartache, but also joy and love.

And now we are returning to our Kingdom—our rightful place—ready to rule.

But perhaps there are still a few underlying things that you need to let go of before you can take the throne. After all, Full Moons are all about releasing what we no longer need.

(A little Moon 101: the intention we seed at a New Moon—or the themes that arise at the time—are mirrored at the corresponding Full Moon, around six months later, where they come up for review and release.)

The themes of Leo—that of the confident, courageous leader, the one who is playful and big-hearted with a childlike lust for life—are coming up for all of us right now.

One of these themes may be hitting you more than the others. Perhaps you still have a veil of shyness that needs to be lifted, maybe you can see where you haven’t been very kind to yourself lately and need an injection of self-love.

At the start of the week I felt all the feels bubbling up. My confidence was down, the self-doubt, negative talk and desperate longing taking over my mind. A sense of déjà vu. I thought that I had moved beyond all of this. It wasn’t until this morning that I realised that all the feels were echoing how I felt at the start of August, around the time of the Leo New Moon.

It became an opportunity to tap into the root of what was still lingering and why.

And honestly—when I really got down to it, I was holding onto these things out of comfort.

They had become my emotional security blanket. And just like a raggedy old blanket that a child drags around with them, it was time to let them go.

So cast your mind back to the start of August. If you keep a journal, find your entries from this time. What was happening for you then? What dreams were brewing? What intentions did you set?

And what are you still holding onto?

What is just in your life because it feels familiar and comfortable, but isn’t actually helping you become the ruler of your Kingdom?

Venus, who was caught up in the middle of the Leo New Moon, enters Aries on February 8 where she is all about pursuing what she values. As she cosies up to Chiron any issues relating to self-worth and our relationships will be bubbling up.

Mars is in Sagittarius making a happy angle to the Full Moon in Leo. The conversation that these two are having is around pursuing what’s in our hearts. It’s no longer about setting goals that look good and impress others, it’s about working toward what rings true for ourselves.

There is a lot of fire energy around this Full Moon. Fire energy to push us, to give us a kick up the bum to take action. Fire to burn up the old emotional security blankets.

And once we’ve had our bonfire, we can take our rightful place on our throne, safe in the knowledge that we are ready to rule.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Sunday 9 February @ 6.33pm

United Kingdom: Sunday 9 February @ 7.33am

US Eastern: Sunday 9 February @ 2.33am

US Pacific: Saturday 8 February @ 11.33pm

Click here to find your timezone


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