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Planning with the Planets

Want to make the most of each day? 


Each day of the week has particular qualities, based on the planet that it is named after. Once we are aware of these qualities, we can plan our time so that we are doing activities and tasks that are best suited for that day. For instance, Tuesday is ruled by Mars and is a great day for ticking things off your to-do list while Mercury-ruled Wednesday is great for brainstorming.


By working with—rather than against—the natural energies of each day, we are creating greater ease and flow for ourselves. It also ensures that we have balance in our lives, with time for work, rest and play. This makes us more productive, reduces burnout and creates opportunity for more abundance.


Planning with the Planets takes you through the planetary ruler of each day, and suggests the best activities to make the most of the energy. 


It also covers planetary hours and includes a bonus weekly planner so you can plan your time to perfection! 

Planning with the Planets

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