Align to your authentic self.


Often it was physical, testing my endurance through long-distance cycling, triathlons or a yoga challenge.

Other times it was mental, pursuing a higher education degree while working full-time.

Then one year, I decided that my focus was going to be ME.

I would get to know myself, uncover my dreams and desires, and find my purpose in life.


As someone who has a lot of interests, is easily adaptable, and naturally talented at a lot of things, deciding what I wanted to do with my life was difficult to say the least.



Through a lot of experiences that pushed me in ways I never knew possible, I started to uncover the core of who I was. I became a Life Coach and started helping others reach their goals and dreams.


Then one day, I followed my curiosity and enrolled in an astrology course.


Discovering my birth chart—the personal blueprint that I was born with—answered so many questions about who I am and my purpose in life.

It gave me a deep understanding of my opportunities and challenges.


It answered things like ‘Have I chosen the best career for me?’ and ‘Why haven’t I found myself a partner yet?’


It reassured me that I was indeed on the 'right path' in life.

Astrology also taught me how to work with the current energies of my life. For instance, knowing I was in a work-focused phase helped me relax about my love life—there’d be a time for that later.



Knowing what was coming up meant that I could enhance opportunities and lean into challenges.

Ultimately, I was able to drop the constant comparison to my peers and dissatisfaction of not feeling like I was where I should be in life.


I stopped wasting energy judging myself and started to direct my energy and focus in the right direction.


As an ambitious Capricorn, I’ll always seek out a challenge. But now I can focus on the challenges—and opportunities—that are perfect and authentic for me.

I’m not interested in living a life that looks exactly the same as the person next door, and my guess is that neither are you.


We all have our unique gifts, talents and interests and we need to let these shine, fully and authentically.

And YOU can with the power of astrology:

it is like a personal guidebook to help us unlock our potential and live our own unique lives.

So often we waste a lot of time wondering what we should do.


Astrology helps us cut through all of that and gets to the heart of who we are.


As my knowledge of—and passion for—astrology grew, it felt like a natural step to bring it into my

coaching work.


My unique blend of astrology and coaching can support you to:

Find an outlet for your true self.

Drop the comparisonitis and stay in your own lane.

Enhance your specific gifts and talents.


Release personal judgement from not being/having the same things as your peers.


Take advantage of your true and natural stage in life.


Focus your energy in the right direction.

Have questions about what to expect?

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Gain clarity around your soul purpose, unique gifts and future potential

+ One 75min Intuitive reading of your Birth Chart to get to the core of who you are and what you are here to learn and achieve. 

+ Guidance on how to navigate your opportunities and challenges for the next 12 months.

+ Support to set your future goals/intentions. 

+ An mp3 recording of the session for reference.

Investment: $150



Astrology guidance for six months plus ongoing support for your goals/intentions

+ Six 75min sessions to help you use the astro energy to your advantage. Learn the key things to direct your attention to and the best times to take action.

+ Receive coaching support as you work toward your goals/intentions.

+ Extra support between sessions via email and Voxer.

+ mp3 recordings of your sessions for reference.

Investment: $765

($765 when paid upfront in full OR 6 x payments of $135)



Astrology guidance for one year plus ongoing support for your goals/intentions

+ Twelve 75min sessions to help you use the astro energy to your advantage. Learn the key things to direct your attention to and the best times to take action.

+ Receive coaching support as you work toward your goals/intentions.

+ Extra support between sessions via email and Voxer.

+ mp3 recordings of your sessions for reference.

Investment: $1297

($1297 when paid upfront in full OR 12 x payments of $120)

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Thank you so much Tanya for the recent astro-coaching session. It was even better than I expected! To be honest, I sometimes feel a little skeptical about astrology, but it was truly amazing to receive such clarity and (as promised) a personalised quasi guidebook to life. 


To me, the session felt like the perfect blend of the practical (setting solid goals) and the spiritual (aligning with unseen energies), while focussing on my unique life purpose. It's given me more confidence to map out my year ahead, knowing what may be potentially in store, so I can make best use of the energetic realms of possibility! 

Tash Hildebrand-Lockie

Women's Circle Facilitator, Speaker and Author 

“I really loved my ‘Core Self and Year Ahead’ session with Tanya... in fact, I just listened to it again! I have never seen my birth chart before and was so fascinated to see what it looked like and what it all meant. 


Tanya explained the different elements of the chart before going through my results and what it all means. She provided so much insight into why I am the way I am, really important periods in my past and future, and lovingly offered practical suggestions on how to tackle some deep internal struggles from a different angle.  Since our session, I have taken on Tanya’s advice, making changes to how I approach certain situations and taking significant steps towards uncovering and dealing with some fears that I didn’t really know I had (or didn’t want to acknowledge!)—it’s all really exciting!!! 


Tanya was so gentle and warm in her explanation of my chart, and answered any questions that I had. It really was a fun and valuable session, and I can see myself referring to it again and getting it carried out again in years to come. 


Thank you Tanya!!"

Natalie Xerri

Change Management Consultant

In regards to sending through this feedback, I thought I would take a month for everything to settle in, particularly what I learnt about myself. What was most interesting was taking this extra time for myself to reflect on how our session has affected my daily life and general outlook. Paired with her Laneway Class, Tanya has given me essential tools to be the best me and approach my goals in a more direct and productive way.   

The explanation for a newbie to astrology (albeit slight cynic) like myself at the beginning of the session was thorough and Tanya was super easy to chat with and very open to questions. As she explained each element that makes up a chart, we then began to talk about my specific chart. I must admit, it is a strange feeling for someone to hit on the very specific elements of who you are as a person, and how these interact with the other parts of you.

The understanding of how these elements work together, particularly how they interact with the current placement of the planets, helps you find your place in the world and the people around you. 

This session has been a great way to begin quite the self-reflective, self-aware and excitingly purposeful stage of my life. I want to personally thank Tanya for helping me get to this place, assisting me in becoming a better me, and supporting my journey. I'm very excited to see what is next for me.  

Vanessa Gleye

I left our 'Core Self+Year Ahead' session, with a refreshed perspective and clear about what I should focus on. Tanya walked me through the basics of the Natal Chart and pointed me to interesting elements. I feel reassured that they are in aligned with my journey and higher goals. She helped me identify some re-current dynamics that no longer serve me and I am positive that little steps are better than no steps-when we are trying to let go of old stubborn patterns.

Our chat had a sweet and inspiring closure and it felt like a real treat to explore these juicy astrological topics together. 

Patrícia Laudares Nogueira

Thank you Tanya, for helping me understand my chart, how it impacts on my personality and life experiences.  It really helped me to understand some of the phases I've experienced in the past, particularly the past 12 months, and gave me some great insight into what might lie ahead.  I really appreciated how supportive you were, your willingness to answer my many questions, and your skill in translating what looked like a strange and complex geometrical image into practical, relatable information for my life.  Deep gratitude'. 

Kate Outhred

If you are feeling at a crossroads in life, frustrated with your career, or just missing that spark I can't recommend Tanya highly enough. She's able to ask the right questions to help you see what you can't see for yourself in a totally non-pushy way. Tanya always made me feel so comfortable and at ease, and I was able to be completely honest and vulnerable which allowed us to go deeper in our sessions. 


Since working with Tanya I have succeeded in focusing more on me and my needs, which is something I had always struggled to do, as well as make inroads in my own business. Tanya can help you break down those big goals (that seem so scary!) into smaller achievable steps, and will be genuinely cheering for you on the sidelines.

Natasha Skiba

Meditation teacher and Reiki practitioner

The Meeting of Heart and Mind

Before working with Tanya I had been feeling stagnate in my career and my creative goals. With her guidance, encouragement and help I rediscovered my excited, confident side and feel I have made a major leap in the right direction both professionally and personally. Her ability to make people feel comfortable and able to open up and talk through ideas, lives and feelings without feeling judged or awkward is a rare skill.


Working with Tanya has been literally life changing!

Monica Marinov 



Q. What is a Birth Chart? 

A Birth Chart is a map of where all the planets and other celestial bodies were in the sky at the moment you were born. It tells a story about who you are, your gifts, potential and opportunities.

Q. What information do I need to provide? 

To create an accurate Birth Chart I will need your date, time and place of birth. If you are unsure of your time of birth, you can provide an approximate time.

Q. Where do the sessions take place?

A. Sessions take place over Zoom (like Skype, but better) so you can easily fit them into your own schedule, wherever you are in the world. With Zoom we can see each other, I can share my screen so you can see your chart as I go through it, and sessions can be recorded for your future reference. 

Q. What qualifications do you have?

I trained as a Life Coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy, which is an Approved Coach Education Provider by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am also a graduate of Cosmic Alchemy and current mentee of Eloise Meskanen.

In addition, I have a BA in Public Relations, a Graduate Diploma in Publishing and Editing and a Masters in Communication (all from RMIT University). 

Q. Can you predict the future?

Astrology provides you with an idea of the upcoming themes in your life—which is why I feel it is the closest thing to a Life Guidebook that we have—but it is still up to you as to how you use this information. You always have free will, and it is up to you to take action toward your goals and healing. 


My unique blend of astrology and coaching to help you align to your authentic self.


Choose between self-paced or live group programs.


Join me online or in real life.

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