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My session with Tanya, looking at my personal birth chart and the birth chart for my business, was absolutely fantastic. I learned so much about myself (why I am the way I am!) and the innate nature of the business. It was a real confirmation to stay the course. Tanya has a wealth of knowledge which brought me clarity and a sense of peace. Super valuable! Whenever we make space to learn more about ourselves and understand our life on a deeper level it's always a win-win! Thank you.

Janel Briggs

Tanya's Venus Retrograde course was a much needed self-care treat to myself. I felt so nurtured and comforted. I'm a busy mother, so self-care often feels like a struggle to implement. But with Tanya's course, it was like guided self-care. I didn't have to think about journal prompts or what exercises to do, Tanya guided us all through it with a theme each week inline with Venus's movements which added that extra magic because it was all relevant with what was going on in my personal life. It's all written in the stars as they say. I highly recommend Tanya's course and her services to anyone needing to fill their cup with nurturing guidance.

Bethany Loveday

In regards to sending through this feedback, I thought I would take a month for everything to settle in, particularly what I learnt about myself. What was most interesting was taking this extra time for myself to reflect on how our session has affected my daily life and general outlook. Paired with her workshop, Tanya has given me essential tools to be the best me and approach my goals in a more direct and productive way.​

The explanation for a newbie to astrology (albeit slight cynic) like myself at the beginning of the session was thorough and Tanya was super easy to chat with and very open to questions. As she explained each element that makes up a chart, we then began to talk about my specific chart. I must admit, it is a strange feeling for someone to hit on the very specific elements of who you are as a person, and how these interact with the other parts of you.

The understanding of how these elements work together, particularly how they interact with the current placement of the planets, helps you find your place in the world and the people around you. 

This session has been a great way to begin quite the self-reflective, self-aware and excitingly purposeful stage of my life. I want to personally thank Tanya for helping me get to this place, assisting me in becoming a better me, and supporting my journey. I'm very excited to see what is next for me. 

Vanessa Gleye


I really loved my session with Tanya—in fact, I just listened to it again! I have never seen my birth chart before and was so fascinated to see what it looked like and what it all meant. 

Tanya explained the different elements of the chart before going through what it all means. She provided so much insight into why I am the way I am, really important periods in my past and future, and lovingly offered practical suggestions on how to tackle some deep internal struggles from a different angle.


Since our session, I have taken on Tanya’s advice, making changes to how I approach certain situations and taking significant steps towards uncovering and dealing with some fears that I didn’t really know I had (or didn’t want to acknowledge!)—it’s all really exciting!!! 

Tanya was so gentle and warm in her explanation of my chart, and answered any questions that I had. It really was a fun and valuable session, and I can see myself referring to it and getting it carried out again in years to come.

Thank you Tanya!!

Natalie Xerri, Change Management Consultant

I had a wonderful experience with Tanya learning about my birth chart. I gained insight into my personality that I can now relate to by learning about my rising sign.


I have also experienced EFT with Tanya who is calm and compassionate, holding space for me when I needed it allowing me to let go and feel safe. I would highly recommend Tanya to help guide you on your path of self discovery.

Belinda Douglas

I left our session, with a refreshed perspective and clear about what I should focus on. Tanya walked me through the basics of the Natal Chart and pointed me to interesting elements. I feel reassured that they are in alignment with my journey and higher goals. She helped me identify some re-current dynamics that no longer serve me and I am positive that little steps are better than no steps—especially when we are trying to let go of old stubborn patterns.​

Our chat had a sweet and inspiring closure and it felt like a real treat to explore these juicy astrological topics together.

Patrícia Laudares Nogueira

Thank you Tanya, for helping me understand my chart, how it impacts on my personality and life experiences. It really helped me to understand some of the phases I've experienced in the past, particularly the past 12 months, and gave me some great insight into what might lie ahead.


I really appreciated how supportive you were, your willingness to answer my many questions, and your skill in translating what looked like a strange and complex geometrical image into practical, relatable information for my life. Deep gratitude.

Kate Outhred

The ‘Your Present’ session with Tanya introduced me to practical tools I can take away as I work on relieving my anxiety. Currently, I’m experiencing changes and challenges in my life. My nerves were getting the best of me as I move towards making a presentation. Also, my daughter and her school and the dynamics with the other parents and teachers was a source of worry.


We brought all these issues out into the open, tapped away and then a guided meditation gave me the lightness and grace I needed to move forward. I now have access to these tools to work with and I’m very grateful to Tanya for doing this transformational work. Please, if you’re feeling tenseness, pressure or are uneasy about anything in your life, get the type of support Tanya offers. It is so worth it and you will gain peace of mind and productivity and cut-through as a result.

Eda Utku

Thank you Tanya, I thoroughly enjoyed your fascinating and grounding exploration of my natal chart. So many pieces from my journey were uncovered and connected. Having so much out on the table enabled me to consider aspects of my life from a new perspective, and challenge areas needing addressing. When feeling scattered it’s hard to centre ones-self and your insights were a really helpful nudge. Your considerate, and open, conversation throughout kept this experience from being overwhelming. Thank you for your care in explaining so much detail in a holistic manner. I've left with so much to digest and move forwards with.

Miranda Costa

Through the opportunity to speak openly with Tanya, I in turn found some clarity and my voice with regards to a difficult situation and the week following has certainly felt lighter. I really found the grounding meditation useful and, because it is so visual, I have used it since and found it a quick and effective way to centre myself.

I found the mix of a good chat, some tapping, meditation and overview of my chart indeed constituted a ‘Your Present’ package and I felt like I had validated some of my past, had some tools to ground me in the moment, and some insight from my chart as to what was coming up.


I so loved the idea of the Complete Package as it is a great combination of many techniques. It really was a great way to gain clarity and talk through key areas I’ve been hoping to shift with actual solutions ready to be implemented during the session. Tanya’s guidance was a super help!

Rachel Collins

Thank you so much Tanya for the recent astro-coaching session. It was even better than I expected! To be honest, I sometimes feel a little sceptical about astrology, but it was truly amazing to receive such clarity and (as promised) a personalised quasi guidebook to life. 


To me, the session felt like the perfect blend of the practical (setting solid goals) and the spiritual (aligning with unseen energies), while focussing on my unique life purpose. It's given me more confidence to map out my year ahead, knowing what may be potentially in store, so I can make best use of the energetic realms of possibility!

Tash Hildebrand-Lockie

Thaks Tanya, I feel much lighter after our session and you were able to tune into how I was feeling so quickly. My mood has shifted to a more positive state and I feel ready to move forward. 


I also liked learning about tapping and how I could use this technique for myself. I would definitely recommend it to others to explore.


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