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The Complete Package

Astrology + Holistic Counselling + EFT

The Complete Package uses a variety of tools to help you explore personal issues and concerns in a way that honours your unique way of thinking and being. 

These sessions support personal awareness and change and give you an opportunity to play with ideas and options in a safe, supportive environment. 

If life feels overwhelming and out of your control, fear and anxiety about your own abilities plague you and keep you stuck or you just can’t summon motivation, drive and passion for life no matter how hard you try, then The Complete Package will help you see things clearly and find yourself amongst it all.

It is a mind, body, spirit approach that brings awareness to who you are and where you are at, allows a release of the emotions that are blocking you from moving forward and creates excitement and inspiration for your future.


You fill out a pre-session questionnaire which helps me understand your present experience, what you would most like to focus on and your desired intention/outcome.


We look at the area of your birth chart that relates to what you would like to focus on (e.g. career). I will explain the story that is going on, as I see it in your birth chart, and we discuss your past and present experience and the future outcome you would like.

Depending on what is needed the session will include some of the following:

+ EFT (aka Tapping) to release out-of-date negative thoughts and emotion related to past events
+ Talk therapy to connect the dots between your experiences
+ Coaching/goal and action setting to get you started on where you want to go
+ Intuitive development exercises so you can learn to trust your inner voice
+ Guided meditation/dialogue with the planets so you can tune into their energy


We may also pull in tarot, oracle cards or numerology or discuss chakras, colour therapy and crystals to support you.

Have questions about what to expect?

Book a complimentary, no obligation Q&A call.

The number of sessions you have and their frequency is up to you—everyone is different with unique situations. You might feel that one session is all you need or that you’d like a few more.

One session: $149
3 session package: $399
6 session package: $744

Sessions purchased as part of a package are to be used within 12 months and payment plans are available.

If you want to dive deep into your personal astrology and discover the overall themes for your next 12 months then a Birth Chart reading might be more what you are looking for.


You will need to provide your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth at the time of booking. If you are unsure of your exact time of birth we can work with an approximate time, but please note that the reading will be more accurate if you can find out this information. Your personal information is treated with utmost privacy.


Click here for full terms and conditions.

The Complete Package session with Tanya introduced me to practical tools I can take away as I work on relieving my anxiety. Currently, I’m experiencing changes and challenges in my life. My nerves were getting the best of me as I move towards making a presentation. Also, my daughter and her school, and the dynamics with the other parents and teachers was a source of worry.


We brought all these issues out into the open, tapped away and then a guided meditation gave me the lightness and grace I needed to move forward. I now have access to these tools to work with and I’m very grateful to Tanya for doing this transformational work.


Please, if you’re feeling tenseness, pressure or are uneasy about anything in your life, get the type of support Tanya offers. It is so worth it and you will gain peace of mind and productivity and cut-through as a result.

Eda Utku

I so loved the idea of the Complete Package session as it is a great combination of many techniques in the one session. It really was a great way to gain clarity and talk through key areas I’ve been hoping to shift with actual solutions ready to be implemented during the session.

Tanya’s guidance was a super help!

Rachel Collins

I found the mix of a good chat, some tapping, meditation and a quick overview of my chart indeed constituted a complete package and I felt like I had validated some of my past, had some tools to ground me in the moment, and some insight form my chart as to what was coming up.


Tanya was able to tune into how I was feeling so quickly and I felt much lighter after the session.

I would definitely recommend The Complete Package to others to explore.


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