Cosmic Mentoring to help you connect to your power

Most people identify with astrology, or their horoscope, by their sun/star sign.

While this is a part of astrology, we are actually a combination of the planets and celestial bodies in the solar system.


The word horoscope means map, so where the planets were at the time you were born offers a map into who you are, your potential and areas of growth. 


Each planet is an archetype representing different parts of your identity, soul lessons and development.


The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are known as the personal planets as they have the most influence on your personality.

Align to Self Cosmic Mentoring is a deep dive into the qualities of your personal planets. It’s connecting to yourself—who you really are at your core—and stepping into your power.

This strong sense of self will improve your relationships and your career. You will be able to set aligned goals and know the best tactics to help you achieve them. But best of all, you will be giving the world the gift of showing up every day, strong and confident in your own skin.



+ Find an outlet for your true self.

+ Drop the comparisonitis and stay in your own lane.

+ Enhance your specific gifts and talents.


+ Release personal judgement from not being/having the same things as your peers.


+ Take advantage of your true and natural stage in life.


+ Focus your energy in the right direction.

In each session we will look at the positive and shadow qualities of your personal planets. You will connect with the archetypes through meditations, journaling and embodiment exercises.


You will continue the work between sessions, with support from me via email and voxer.



Elements and modes of expression

Learn which element and mode of expression is most prominent in your chart: Are you full of fiery inspiration, grounded in earthy goodness, overflowing with ideas (air) or do you lead with your emotions (water)? Are you great at starting new things, are you fixed and focused or is your talent to go with the flow? We’ll discuss how you can make the most of what you’ve been blessed with and turn it into your superpower.


The Ascendant

Also known as your rising sign, the sign your Ascendant is in describes how you naturally meet the world. 


The Sun: I am 

The Sun represents the qualities and skills that we are growing into in this lifetime. It is how we shine, our unique essence, basic identity, will, potential life-force and source of energy and power. Learn how to make the most of your Sun’s gifts so you can be a bright force in the world.


The Moon: I feel 

The Moon represents our emotional self and what we need to feel emotionally nurtured, safe and secure. Our moods, feelings, instincts and nurturing style are all defined by the moon. You’ll learn how to tune into your emotional needs and how to work with the cycles of the moon. 


Mercury: I think, I communicate

Mercury rules the mind, specifically how we think, learn and communicate. Your learning style and how you express yourself is influenced by the placement of Mercury in your birth chart. Connect with your Mercury and become a master communicator. 


Venus: I value, I desire, I relate

Venus represents our values, desires, how we attract what we want, how we relate to others, and our sense of self-worth. She is what we find pleasurable and appealing, our relationship style, how we receive and our feminine energy. Improve your relationships and learn how to attract what you desire through your personal Venus.


Mars: I act, I assert

Mars is our drive, ambition, how we assert ourselves and how we take action to get the things we want. While Venus helps us identify our values and desires and Mercury communicates them, Mars is the one who goes out and takes action. Known as ‘the henchman of the Sun’ Mars is our masculine energy. Deep frustration and anger is often due to an unhappy Mars, so learn how to keep him happy through expressing his positive traits. 

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Align to Self Cosmic Mentoring is 6 x 60 minute sessions over three months

Investment: $750 (payment plan available)

Included is an MP3 and video recording of each session, a tailored guidebook and support between sessions via email and Voxer.

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You will need to provide your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth at the time of booking. If you are unsure of your exact time of birth we can work with an approximate time, but please note that the reading will be more accurate if you can find out this information. Your personal information is treated with utmost privacy.


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