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Let's hang out together.

Image by Farzad Mohsenvand

Every Wednesday @ 7.30pm

All Things Astrology


Join Julie Nelson and I each Wednesday at 7.30pm AEDT each week as we delve into the ins and outs of astrology, including the meaning of your birth chart, planet archetypes, New and Full Moons, current astro energies and more!

Hosted in the Tarot & Tea Club.

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The Atrium at Federation Square

This workshop is part of the Fed Free Workshop series. Tickets are free but bookings are essential.


Where dance meets astrology, Zodisco is a unique dance party like no other! Based on the zodiac and with a seriously curated playlist to boot, you’ll be taken on a musical journey through the astrology of the moment, before launching into a freestyle dance session! It’s up to you how you shake and groove – Zodisco is part ritual, part astrology lesson—but mostly it’s just an excellent excuse to have a good boogie! 



My unique personal development workshops allow people to look at their unique qualities and harness them to create better relationships, improve communication and enhance their leadership style. The following topics are available as workshops (singularly or in combination) and as speaking topics.


Get in touch for more details. 


The planet Mercury represents how we think, learn and communicate. 
This workshop helps you to:
+ Express yourself more effectively
+ Learn the communication needs of friends, family and colleagues
+ Reduce conflicts and misunderstandings
+ Enhance how you learn new things


The planet Venus represents our values, self-worth, our relationships and how we attract love and abundance.
This workshop helps you to:
+ Connect with what you value most
+ Deepen your sense of self-worth and self-love
+ Understand what you need in relationships
+ Feel happier and more content


The planet Mars represents our drive, 
assertion, passion and how we take action.
It helps us build new skills and turn our ideas into reality.
This workshop helps you to:
+ Assert yourself more effectively
+ Align with your natural style of doing
+ Learn how to express your inner warrior in a healthy way
+ Feel less frustrated and more fulfilled


Very clear, informative, relaxed, interactive, friendly and interesting session. Didn't feel long enough—I wanted to keep going!

Sara Stevens

Fun and relaxed session. Not as scary/confronting as I thought it might be—fun and enjoyable to do with other people around too.

Sarah-Kate Harvey

Very practical. Not too 'airy-fairy'. Worthwhile.

Anne Sinclair

Tanya has a great personal presence as a teacher/instructor. Very warm and authentic.

Jenna Fox

A practical session! I loved the development of the class. Great energy!

Hannah Johnson

Great flow and pace—you allowed time for us to really think about the questions being asked and we didn't feel rushed through the activities. Loved it! Thank you xxx

Stacey Kirkby

Thank you, this was an eye-opening and positive experience for me.

Susan Ugorji

An enjoyable, thought-provoking and stimulating process.

Nick Soda

Great class with an inspiring and fun teacher—really enjoyed it. Leaving in a great mood and feeling ready to kick some goals.

Aleyx Perks

It was really simple when broken down, and the presentation was very engaging and well-paced.

Sarah Patterson

Fun and friendly atmosphere. It was awesome!

Holly Langford

Easy, simple, helpful.

Yvonne Rodrigues

The structure of the session was perfect, made perfect sense. I loved it. Thanks for a super fun and helpful class!

Carol Fry

Tanya was great at communication and encouraging others to achieve.

Janine McGinness

I loved the specific direction, presented in a really lovely, non-cringey way!

Victoria McGinness

Great structure, not too much or feeling like it wasn't enough. Feel I have the tools to get started. Loved Tanya's energy.

Penelope Sleeman

I enjoyed the balance of the class a lot. Thank you for a thought-provoking evening!

Hannah Morris

It was perfect. I feel so inspired and empowered.

Catalina Guerrero

It was great, thank you. Loved your energy, passion and enthusiasm!

Leigh Kitto

Positive and friendly vibe—felt the warmth.

Jeremy Walker

A safe and supportive environment to reflect and to ideate.

Marcus Derijk

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