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A Playlist for the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Carefully curated for the Partial Lunar Eclipse on 19 November 2021

I have curated a playlist on Spotify to take you through the feelings of this eclipse.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Friday 19 November @ 7.57pm

United Kingdom: Friday 19 November @ 8.57am

US Eastern: Friday 19 November @ 3.57am

US Pacific: Friday 19 November @ 12.57am

To ritual or not to ritual?

Normally I'd recommend that you dance to this playlist as part of your Full Moon ritual, but this time around it is an eclipse, which brings with it an extra oomph of energy.

During eclipse season events speed up. It's like the Universe comes in to do a bit of a Spring Clean and point us in the right direction. It's best to let go and surrender to what happens, even if it feels hard at the time—one day you will look back and realise why that thing needed to leave your life for the better.

So, take your normal Full Moon manifesting rituals down a notch during eclipse season. You might just like to put the playlist on while you journal, go for a walk or have a bath. Lean back and allow what is going to go without any extra effort on your part.

And if you feel like dancing to move some pent-up energy, by all means do. Just keep it ritual-lite for this month.

With love




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