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Full Moon in Pisces

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Full Moon in Pisces, 20/21 September 2021

Virgo season is a time to get practical—we must dot our i’s and cross our t’s and make sure everything is just so. Sifting, sorting, analysing is the name of the game.

But every sign has its opposite. Much like how in the yin/yang symbol there is a little bit of black in the white and a little bit of white in the black, Full Moons are a time to remind us that we need to inject a little bit of the opposite sign into our lives.

Spiritual Pisces is the sign which balances out Practical Virgo. Together, the two signs remind us of the importance of both our spiritual and physical health: as above, so below.

A Full Moon in Pisces is a reminder that we have access to the answers we need. We just need to give ourselves the time and space to listen.

Your psychic abilities are heightened at this time and things which have been hidden in your subconscious will be coming to light. If you have been unsure about the next step to take or the path you are on, this is a time to meditate, pay attention to your dreams and trust your intuition. It will lead you in the right direction.

Change and transformation of our values are a theme of this Full Moon thanks to Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus, specifically the value that we place on our own time and energy. Our attitudes towards where and how we work and the remuneration we receive in return are coming up to be examined.

It could be that you choose to work less because you value having an extra day for yourself more than you value the amount of money in your bank account. You might decide that you want to do work that is more aligned to your values, whether that is in a paid or volunteer capacity. Or it could be that you examine the relationships in your life and shed those that no longer align to your values.

Sometimes when values we’ve held for a long time start to shift it can feel a bit destabilising and even quite emotional, so if you do feel this way just allow yourself to sit with any emotions that arise. Pisces is a water sign so spending time in or near water (or even having a salt bath or long shower) can help wash these away.

Mercury and Jupiter are in a beautiful trine, which will give us a boost of positivity and open-mindedness. This energy will help us find new ways to create balance and harmony in our personal relationships and our wider community. We’ll be thinking deep about the ways in which we can do this thanks to Pluto squaring Mercury.

We also have Mars newly in Libra, a sign which he isn’t overly comfortable in. Through this transit we are feeling into the balance of ‘me’ and ‘we’, maintaining who we are and what we want, yet working with others to create harmony and balance. Whichever side you normally fall on (either being overly-assertive or overly-people pleasing) this is a time to fix the balance.

Pisces is also a very romantic sign and is associated with Universal love. May we all use the energy of the Full Moon to express unconditional love for ourselves and the collective and heal the current divisions in society.

Enjoy getting lost in the currents of this Full Moon and see where it all takes you.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Tuesday 21 September @ 9.54am

United Kingdom: Tuesday 21 September @ 12.54am

US Eastern: Monday 20 September @ 7.54pm

US Pacific: Monday 20 September @ 4.54pm



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