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Full Moon in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde

10 September 2022

In astrology, nothing operates on its own. There are relationships and cycles with everything. It reminds us to work with the seasons, to have the ups and the downs, the doing and the being, thinking and feeling. It is not the cycles themselves that are important, but how we lean into them. While some periods in our lives may be challenging, we can know that just as day turns to night and winter into spring, we too will shift and change.

Right now, we are in Virgo season. The opposite sign to Virgo is Pisces. These two signs work in partnership to teach us about caring for our physical health (Virgo) and spiritual health (Pisces). Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which represents thinking and communication—our logical mind. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and imagination—our higher mind.

With the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Pisces, this is a time for us to reflect on our relationship between our physical and spiritual sides.

We need the grounding of the Virgoan earth in order to safely swim in the Piscean waters. Feel into your life right now. Perhaps you find yourself out of balance and need to lean into the qualities of the other sign.

This Full Moon coincides with Mercury beginning its retrograde. That means we now have six planets in retrograde, plus Chiron. Retrograde energy is a perfect time for reflection, rethinking, reviewing, renewal, regeneration—all the re- words. It is a time to hit pause and take some time to go over the things in your life right now.

Each sign of the zodiac builds upon the one before. In Virgo, we are consolidating our sense of self and being whole and complete. The shift to Libra then asks us to be in relationship with others. Relationships are a mirror and can show us facets of ourselves that we might not like, but thankfully we can change that if we choose to.

As this retrograde begins in Libra we begin with the main overarching theme of communication in our relationships. Mercury will then move into Virgo, and I see this as a shift into reviewing how complete we feel to ourselves.

We might find we want to tidy up some aspects of self based on what we saw in Libra’s mirror. Of course, this is a general theme for the collective—your personal experience will depend on where Virgo and Libra are in your birth chart.

So back to the Full Moon. As it is in Pisces, a water sign, you may feel more emotional and internal. Neptune is conjunct the Moon, so you may feel more tired than usual—this is your soul wanting to sleep more in order to connect with your spirit and the messages that come through in your dreams. If you need help interpreting your nocturnal messages, my friend Bethany is wonderfully talented at this.

The main thing at this Full Moon is to listen to your body, mind and soul. Like really listen. Ask it what it needs, then get quiet. Your intuition doesn’t shout, it normally comes through softly. But it is there and it is never wrong.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Saturday 10 September @ 7.59pm

United Kingdom: Saturday 10 September @ 10.59am

US Eastern: Saturday 10 September @ 5.59am

US Pacific: Saturday 10 September @ 2.59am

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