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Get addicted to ease

Swap your addiction to complication and stress to ease and flow.

I have often over-complicated things. I remember when I was at Uni and I would have an assignment to do. Somehow I would convince myself that it was so complicated and hard and I didn't know how to tackle it. Then I would procrastinate and procrastinate before realising at the last minute that it was actually quite easy, and would race against the clock to get it finished.

This was a trend that I took into my working life. I was addicted to over-complicating and making things harder. It's like if something seemed easy, it wasn't worth doing. That if I managed to do something that was hard then I was more accomplished and could feel prouder of what I had done.

And then when I didn't have a lot going on, I would create stuff to do so that I would be busy busy busy.

I was addicted to the difficult, and to the adrenaline that it would produce.

The thing is, when you go to the extreme with adrenaline, you inevitably crash, creating a sea-saw of ups and downs—getting it all done at once, then running out of steam and not having the energy to do anything (or getting sick).

This is not a sustainable way to go through life, and I've had to find ways to unhook myself from the old habits.

To do this, I needed to find a new addiction. So, I have become addicted to ease.

Now, finding the ease in a situation is not about being lazy, but about finding ways to do things so that you feel good while doing them.

It's about being realistic about your schedule and how much you can take on. It's about breaking your goals down into manageable steps and doing them over a longer period of time rather than trying to do everything at once. It's about asking yourself when you wake up in the morning 'what will make me feel good today?' First and foremost, it's about being kind to yourself.

Ease is even about simplifying other parts of your life, such as creating systems and processes for chores. It might take a bit of effort to set in place, but it ends up being like a cruise control mode for your life, where you just set things in place and sit back while keeping on eye on the road.

The outcome of all of this ease? You feel good. You are less stressed. You have more energy for the things you enjoy doing. And you get to do things properly over a longer period, rather than rushing them at the last minute so end up creating better work.

And that's something worth getting addicted to.


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