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Get yourself ready

To make sure you are really ready for the new, you need to tie up any loose ends.

Various people are asking me what my plans are for next year. My head tells me that I should be stategising and planning—2018 for me was a year of creating a lot of things on the fly and the organised side of me would like more structure in 2019. But I also have an intense feeling that I need to wait a little bit before I put these plans into place.

I need to use the remaining weeks of the year to complete things: projects, books I've half-read, online courses I've enrolled in that I haven't finished.

I need to tie up all the loose ends before starting the new.

I am someone who loves the start of a project, is addicted to the thrill of creative possibilities. Often, before something is completely finished I find myself distracted by the start of something new. But lately I am recognising the importance of finishing things, of being discerning about my projects rather than chasing a sparkly new idea down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Being a multi-passionate, I feel happy and energised when I have a lot of different things going on. So This isn't about narrowing my interests, but about being smart about how I spend my time.

I have learnt that it is important to listen to your instincts. That timing is everything. And my instincts are telling me to wait, to complete, and that doing so will enable me to start things at the right time, rather than pushing them through out of impatience, or for the sake of it.

So I'll be spending this time wrapping up everything. Declaring it complete before I add another thing to my to-do list. Time feels like such a rare commodity in this day and age and I feel like sometimes I choose to make myself busy by saying yes to every idea, rather than being discerning and focusing my energy on a few core things.

2018 has been another big year for us all. So much change and growth has occurred. After being through all of that it is natural to feel tired of the waiting game, to want to push forward and get to the other side of the transformation.

But sometimes waiting is the best thing you can do. Sometimes making sure you are as rested and ready as possible is what you need more than trying to force forward movement.

Lean back. Take stock of everything you've done this year, make note of what you need to finish up. Give yourself a hug and love.

2019 will be another big year. Get yourself ready.


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