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Shine with love

New Moon in Leo, August 2020

With the world the way it is at the moment, there is a lack of joy and pleasure in our lives. It can feel like we are being disrespectful if we focus on fun and making the best of it. We can feel bored with the same old Groundhog Day. We can feel trapped and frustrated with the rules imposed on us. Collective anger and frustration is something that we will delve into deeper during Mars retrograde which starts next month (head here to join my Mars retrograde webinar) but for now let’s harness the power of the Leo New Moon.

The fire of Leo season has helped dry out the watery floods of Cancer season, with its eclipses and Mercury retrograde. It’s brought some fire back into our bellies, and it’s like we can start to see the light again.

Leo is represented by the Sun, that which shines brightly and boldly. Each day, the Sun rises again to give life on earth another go—and so do we. Some days we feel dull and grey, others bright and blue, but no matter how we feel, we get through it and at the end of every day we are a little different based on our experiences.

We are born whole and complete and then life gets its hands on us. The way we choose to respond is up to us. We can let the world tell us who we are meant to be, or we can stand up and shine as ourselves.

If you have forgotten who you are at your very core, don’t worry—you can find yourself again. Use the power of this New Moon to tap into the essence of your personal Sun. Grab your journal and write across the top of the page: Who am I? Then write your answer. Write down the question again. And answer it again. Do this over and over and over, drilling down even more each time until you get to the core of who you are.

Leo rules the heart and upper spine. Our heart is our lifeblood which keeps us alive. Our spine allows us to stand tall and proud. What do you pour your love into? What in your life keeps you alive? What are you proud of? If nothing comes to mind, set your intention this New Moon to discover your heart’s desire.

Mercury is conjunct the New Moon this month, which is offering us renewed focus of our thoughts and ideas. Mercury/Moon/Sun are forming a Kite with Mars in Aries, the South Node in Sagittarius and the North Node in Gemini. It’s a positive aspect (hurrah!) with easy-flowing energy. With all of the fire energy swirling around, the North Node in communicative Gemini brings a real breath of fresh air to our ideas.

Allow your intuition to send you down a curiosity rabbit hole. Be playful and courageous as you delve into these new ideas. Don’t be afraid of trying something that has never been done before—I mean, look at 2020 so far as an example of life that has never been done before. It is through these new ideas that we are building a new way of being.

But wait, there’s more. The steak knives for this New Moon is an aspect called a Yod, also known as A Finger of God. This indicates a crisis point that we can’t avoid. This Yod pulls in Sun/Moon/Mercury in Leo, Saturn in Capricorn and the North Node in Gemini. Saturn here is once again igniting the tension with its restrictions, authority and discipline. To lance the energetic boil, our attention needs to turn to the qualities of Cancer—who our people are, how we keep them and ourselves safe and secure, plus nurturing ourselves and our emotional needs.

So yes, there’s a little bit of tension here amongst all the warm-heartedness and play. But with tension there is always an opportunity to make the necessary adjustments we need.

Love, courage, playfulness. That is what we need to harness in order to move forward. Shine with pure love.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Wednesday 19 August @ 12.41pm

United Kingdom: Wednesday 19 August @ 3.41pm

US Eastern: Tuesday 18 August @ 7.41pm

US Pacific: Tuesday 18 August @ 10.41pm

Click here to find your timezone


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