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Ignite Your Inner Fire: New Moon in Leo - Reclaiming Self-Confidence

16 August 2023

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Have you lost your sense of wonder? Have the realities of life piled on top of your shoulders, burdens weighing you down? Are you too caught up in all the things to notice the creative solutions for you? Are you pushing against the external forces which say things must be done a certain way, life must be lived by certain rules—and all you really want to do is create your own path?

Leo wants us to live courageously. It wants us to put our heart into what brings us joy. It wants us to shine. This New Moon is a time of reclaiming our standards and values and moving forward with self-confidence.

If you have been feeling more internal lately, there is a reason. This New Moon in Leo is snuggled up to retrograde Venus. We are just over halfway through this retrograde period, where our values and relationships (to money, others and ourselves) are up for review. The last week has seen the planet disappear from our view. When she reappears on August 17 as the Morning Star, we will start to have fresh energy and more clarity. Get in touch with your thoughts through journaling and meditation so you can feel into it all.

The New Moon is square Uranus. Squares bring tension and support creative solutions. Embrace your inner rebel and the independence you crave. This aspect in particular suggests there could be something unexpected coming your way, a sudden leap. Often when we set expectations that something needs to happen a certain way we put blinkers on and neglect to see other possibilities.

Drop your expectations and trust that everything is unfolding as it should. When you set your intentions remember to add ‘this or something better’. You never know what delicious outcomes the Universe has in store for you, if only you were to allow it to deliver.


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In Leo we have childlike wonder available to us. Solutions are easy for children. They have imagination and endless possibilities at their fingertips. If you have been stuck in inertia and can’t seem to see the forest for the trees, step away for a moment. Go do something else—dare I say, something that may even seem ‘unproductive’. Treat your inner child to a playdate—do some craft, play dress-ups, swing on a swing, have a dance party in your lounge room.

You might find a creative solution comes to you within all the play. And if it doesn’t, at least you had fun.

Mercury is getting ready for its retrograde in Virgo (from 24 August through to 16 September) so we are starting to feel the effects of this. While all of this retrograde energy might feel frustrating, remember that time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. This Virgo energy will help us review our systems and processes and clean up anything that is draining our vitality.

It is worth remembering that Leo is a fire sign. It’s passionate—it brings warmth and love and generosity. Focus on the things that ignite your internal fire, that you want to share with others, just because. Having more joy in your life is delicious and contagious. Let it shine through.

The exact time of the New Moon in Leo is:

AEST: Wednesday 16 August @ 7.38pm

United Kingdom: Wednesday 16 August @ 10.38am

US Eastern: Wednesday 16 August @ 5.38am

US Pacific: Wednesday 16 August @ 2.38am

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