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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Embracing Change and Evolving Within

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The eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, which started in November 2021, are coming to their conclusion. But the effect will continue on.

Taurus teaches us about patience and persistence; Scorpio about the magick within us.

The dance has been between money, resources (both financial and the resources of the planet) and our values alongside power, sexuality, unearthing the shadow, change and transformation.

With Taurus and Scorpio being fixed signs, the changes may have felt uncomfortable. Stepping out of the way things have always been and into something new (even if you know it is the right thing to do) is scary. But we must evolve.

Think of what has come to light for you during the past couple of years, particularly in the Taurus and Scorpio areas of your life. How have you changed? What do you no longer settle for? How have your values and sense of personal security evolved?

How can you let go of control and trust that what is meant for you is coming?

This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus calls for you to be grounded, to appreciate your foundations. For it is from a solid foundation that we grow. As a yoga teacher of mine would say during tree pose, ‘push down to rise up’.

With Mars and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio this eclipse is a reminder of our inner strength and depth. Jupiter in Taurus brings the light, the luck. All of this is to say that opportunities appear when we stay focused, move through the tough times and believe in ourselves.

As always: drink lots of water, listen to your body and rest if you need to, spend time in nature. Keep it slow and simple. Journaling is great to get your thoughts out of your head, and EFT is great to get them out of your system.

Love who you are becoming.

The exact time of the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is:

AEDT: Sunday 29 October @ 7.24am

United Kingdom: Saturday 28 October @ 9.24pm

US Eastern: Saturday 28 October @ 4.24pm

US Pacific: Saturday 28 October @ 1.24pm

Find your timezone here


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