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From Wish to Reality: Manifesting Your Dreams with the Full Moon in Leo

a man walking in front of street art which says courage

For about a week I have been waking up with lyrics from Billy Joel’s ‘Vienna’ running through my head.

When songs are in our heads, especially when we wake up, there is often a meaning that our subconscious is trying to get us to notice. While an artist puts out a piece of work, created by their own meaning, we interpret it in our own way (this is also my approach to astrology, with the textbook descriptions saying one thing but then up to the individual to decide what that means for them). 

For me this is a song about the importance of creating our lives, bringing our dreams to life, of finding purpose. But it also reminds us there is no rush. Life is long. There is no set time to get things done by. Our lives have seasons—sometimes we are out there doing things, other times we need to retreat into ourselves and rest. The important thing is we honour who we are and where we are at. 

And because I needed more reminding of honouring where we are at, an article by Brene Brown dropped into my feed this week.

More reminders this week came from the movie Wish. The message I took from this was not to give your dreams over to someone else to grant, but to create them into being yourself. This really is the energy of Leo—creative self-expression. If ecstasy is joy from external sources, then enstasy is the joy cultivated from within. It’s the playfulness, the fun, the passion, that which sustains us. Vienna. 

As we bask under the energy of the Full Moon in Leo, ask yourself: 

What is my Vienna? What is waiting for me?

What excuses do I need to release in order to get there?

What can I do to honour the season I am in?

The exact time of the Leo Full Moon is:

AEDT: Friday 26 January @ 4.54am

United Kingdom: Thursday 25 January @ 5.54pm

US Eastern: Thursday 25 January @ 12.54pm

US Pacific: Thursday 25 January @ 9.54am

Find your timezone here

The Full Moon is at 5°Leo. Where does this fall in your chart?


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