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Full Moon in Pisces: Embracing the Power of Imagination

Dreamy vibes ahead

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Sometimes we need to dream. We need to dip into our imagination, allowing our thoughts to expand beyond the limitations of the here and now. In the enchanting realm of Pisces, we find ourselves swimming in ethereal waters, basking in the glow of love that settles over us. This Full Moon in Pisces invites us to merge with our dreams and explore the depths of our souls. Let us revel in the weird energy and discover the transformative power it holds. It’s a Supermoon (meaning it’s close to the earth) as well as being the second Full Moon of the month, making it a Blue Moon. All signs are pointing to magick.

Embracing Surrender and Intuition

With all but Mars and Jupiter in retrograde, the cosmic energy supports us in slowing down, going within, and reflecting on where we currently stand. It's an opportune time to embrace surrender and tap into our intuition. As we tune ourselves to the flow of the universe, we can sift through our emotions and thoughts, gaining clarity on our path forward. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the mystical energy of this Full Moon and see where the current takes you.

Renewed Sense of Values and Desires

As Venus nears the end of her six-week retrograde, a renewed sense of our values and desires emerges. This is a reminder that your life is yours to create, and it should be a reflection of what truly brings you joy and fulfilment. Take this moment to reassess your priorities, reconnect with your passions, and align your actions with your heart's desires. Create a life that is beautiful to you.

Navigating the Retrograde Energy

Mercury's retrograde during most of Virgo season encourages us to delve into the details—the processes and the how of our plans. Use this time to sift and sort through the intricacies, allowing yourself to gain a deeper understanding of the steps needed to manifest your dreams. Virgo helps us to improve systems and fine-tune strategies. Mapping things out now will give you that road map you oh so desire.

Saturn's Steadiness and Piscean Flexibility

Saturn's conjunction with the Moon brings a unique blend of focus and steadiness to our journey towards our dreams. Saturn represents structure and boundaries, but in the realm of Pisces there is room for flexibility. Some aspects of our lives may disintegrate or dissolve in the watery embrace of Pisces, while others become more malleable. Just like water shapes the earth over time, we can shape our realities with patience and persistence.

Negotiating Harmony with Mars in Libra

With Mars in diplomatic Libra, we are encouraged to seek balance and negotiate our way forward. How can you navigate the challenges and conflicts that arise on your path? Embrace the art of compromise, finding harmonious solutions that honour both your needs and the needs of others. And also work out the balance you need in your life, tilting into things as the need arises. It’s all about creating a supportive environment for your dreams to flourish sustainably.

As the Full Moon in Pisces graces the skies, embrace the power of imagination, surrender to the cosmic flow, and merge with our dreams. Take this opportunity to reflect on your values, navigate the retrograde energy, and find the balance necessary to manifest your heart's desires. Dream, dream, dream my lovely and remember: your life is yours to create.

The exact time of the Full Moon in Pisces is:

AEST: Thursday 31 August @ 11.35am

United Kingdom: Thursday 31 August @ 2.35am

US Eastern: Wednesday 30 August @ 9.35pm

US Pacific: Wednesday 30 August @ 6.35pm

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