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Harnessing the Power of the New Moon in Virgo: Nurturing Your Inner System

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I have been tired this week. I have been putting myself to bed before 9pm each night and wanting to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning.

I often feel like my energy wanes during Virgo season. Virgo is the sign on the cusp of my 12th house—the part of the chart focused on introspection, subconscious, solitude, connection to higher self—so I have noticed that when the Sun makes its way through here, I naturally retreat a little. And if I’m not conscious of needing more ‘Tanya Time’ my body will force me to slow down, to make sure I get it.

In the week leading up to a New Moon I also notice my energy drops a little.

Chuck a Mercury retrograde in Virgo on top of all of this and it’s no wonder that I just want to sleep.

I’m telling you this because astrology is more than just your horoscope in the newspaper. It’s more than your Sun, Moon and rising. It’s a tool to help you notice the cycles in your life and to gain more insight into your needs, to help you plan around it as much as you can.

For example, I have now made a mental note to make Virgo season the time I go on a holiday or retreat, if possible.

Virgo is a sign which supports us in improving our own health and systems. Yet we can’t improve a system unless we know how it works.

I know someone with a chronic health issue and last week she was telling me how some people with her condition respond well to a vegetarian diet, others a heavily carnivorous one. For her, she needs to pick and choose the foods out of each group that work for her. She knows what works for her system so can use this knowledge to improve it, rather than blindly follow a trend.

When a computer slows down or you get ‘the spinning wheel of death’ often you need a hard reset or to clean out some files. It works for humans too: a hard reset of carving out some time to rest and reflect; a clean-up of your diet; a clean-out of physical or mental clutter.

What house does Virgo rule in your chart? How can you reset and upgrade the system here?

It’s a New Moon, a time to plant seeds. With Mercury about to end its retrograde period and the equinox just around the corner you will begin to feel more ‘you’ again. In the spirit of the New Moon in Virgo, take care of your system to ensure it is the optimum version of you.

Next month we have eclipse season. The nodes have shifted into Aries and Libra, inviting us to reflect upon our individuality, partnerships, and the delicate dance between independence and interdependence.Learn more about this, and more, in my Eclipse Webinar on October 7 at 10am AEDT. The recording will be sent to all who register. Grab your spot at a special early bird price (available until Sept 22.)

The exact time of the New Moon in Virgo is:

AEST: Friday 15 September @ 11.39am

United Kingdom: Friday 15 September @ 2.39am

US Eastern: Thursday 14 September @ 9.39pm

US Pacific: Thursday 14 September @ 6.39pm

Find your timezone here


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