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Sagittarius 101

Learn the basics of the sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the free-spirited, bohemian gypsy of the zodiac. Don't try to contain this firey, mutable sign—it doesn’t like to be contained and will always want to be off on a new adventure. Sagittarius has places to see and explore, and there is always something else to try, another thing to explore, another relationship to have. Once Sag reaches a goal it can be off chasing another and can find it hard to stick to just one career path. Discovering new ideas in spirituality, philosophy and religion make Sag a wise teacher.




Keywords: Wise, sage-like, philosophical, visionary, open-minded, optimistic, expansive, exploring, adventurous, freedom-loving, outspoken, truthful, free-spirited, bohemian.

Shadow expression: Condescending, pompous, ungrounded, self-righteous, opinionated, dogmatic, deluded, has blind faith, irresponsible, restless, impractical.

The house which Sagittarius rules in your chart is where you express these qualities the most.

The Houses represent different areas of our life including self-development, home, wealth through to relationships and career.

To discover:

1. Head here and enter your birth details.

2. Click on Chart drawing, ascendent. This will bring up your chart.

3. Look for the Sagittarius glyph on the outside of the circle. It looks like an arrow.

The number in the middle is the house that Sagittarius rules for you.

1ST HOUSE Personality, physical appearance, self-image, how you meet the world, self-expression, life's beginnings.

2ND HOUSE FInances, personal resources and possessions, earning and spending habits, self-worth, material security.

3RD HOUSE The way you think, learn and communicate, early education, siblings, neighbourhood, short journeys.

4TH HOUSE Home, foundations, family, ancestors, roots and traditions, inner security, property and real estate.

5TH HOUSE Creativity, play, pleasure, self-expression, the arts, children, romance, personal love, sex, happiness, hobbies.

6TH HOUSE Routines, work, health, habits, rituals, service to others, employees, self-discipline, personal analysis.

7TH HOUSE Relationships (one-on-one or small groups), marriage, consultants, counsellors, business partnerships.

8TH HOUSE Shared power, joint resources, depth of interactions, inheritance, death and rebirth, occult, transformation.

9TH HOUSE Search for meaning, wisdom, philosophy, beliefs, gurus, higher education, travel (long journeys), publishing.

10TH HOUSE Public recognition, career, vocation, business, success, achievements, fame, reputation, contribution.

11TH HOUSE Group involvement, collective endeavours, friendships, community, organisations, your hopes, wishes and goals.

12TH HOUSE Subconscious, introspection, spiritual bliss, universal ideals, past life, seclusion, retreats, what is hidden.


Learn more about the houses in your chart with a birth chart reading. Find out more here.


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