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This is happening FOR you

Why difficult situations are actually for your benefit.

Wow. What a twisty-turny week that was. My own world was shifted, and I know others who also had shake-ups aplenty.

This feels like a time where what we don't need is leaving our lives. If we aren't making the decision for change ourselves, the decision is being made for us.

When something occurs that feels out of your control, it can be easy to feel like a victim. 'Why is this happening TO me?' you wail to your friends/family/dog/anyone who will listen.

But what if you stopped and thought about all the ways that this situation is happening FOR you?

What is it clearing out of your life that you no longer need? What new paths are now opening up for you? How much better will your life be once you get through this and to the other side?

Repeat after me: This situation is happening FOR me.

Say it as often as you need to, especially when the emotions threaten to overwhelm.

And yes, it can be hard to see the light when you're in this space, when you're wading blindfolded through the murkiness. It's always darkest before the dawn. You'll get through.

Start to find the light by looking for the good in your day through practising gratitude. Take care of yourself—move your body, spend time in nature (a backyard or park will do), eat nutritious food, quiet your mind with meditation.

You've got this.


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