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Full Moon in Aquarius

Full Moon in Aquarius, 23/24 July 2021

As we shift from the watery feels of Cancer season into Leo season we get a burst of fire to help dry us out and get us moving. As a bonus, the Full Moon in Aquarius comes in with a bang to remind us of where we have come from and to get us to focus on where we are going.

This Full Moon covers the territory of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction at the end of 2020. The conjunction marked a shift from an era of earth (think rise in technology, production, material wealth) to an era of air (ideas, communication) and you can read more about it here. Seven months have passed since the conjunction and now we get a chance to reflect on the way of the world, what we are fed up with and the changes we want to make.

Aquarius is the rebel, the revolutionary, futuristic thinker, humanitarian and changemaker. Where Capricorn makes rules, Aquarius tears them down and creates something new. To add another layer to it, the planets which rule the two signs (Uranus and Saturn) have been squaring off to each other this year. This is all just a way of saying that there is a lot of tension in the air for many reasons—political, social, economical, emotional, physical and mental health—with the fight between change and keeping the status quo at the forefront.

Stick your heels into the mud all you want, eventually you’ll get dragged along for the ride: there’s no doubt that the times they are a-changing.

But wait, there’s more. This is the first of two consecutive Full Moons in Aquarius, adding extra weight to the Aquarian energy. The axis of Leo and Aquarius is to find our own creative expression and be courageous as our individual selves vs. acting in the best interests of the collective. Over the next month we will be journeying between the two.

The two Aquarian Full Moons in a row also give us a double dose of releasing and shedding those times we felt oppressed, when we felt our voice wasn’t heard and of thinking our ideas are stupid and unattainable because they haven’t been done before (n.b. most things in this world were initially a crazy idea someone had).

I see it as this first round we release the past. Then over the next four weeks we use the boldness and creativity of Leo season to hatch our plan. The Full Moon in August will be a time of releasing the doubts and fears of carrying out that plan and moving forward.

Venus recently moved into Virgo with Mars about to follow suit, plus Jupiter is about to slide back into Aquarius. The whole sky is changing and with it we have a shift of energy. The fire and air are bringing the ideas and the energy to go after them, and the earth is making sure we do things properly.

So what about you? What is it you wish to see for yourself and for your community? What do you have to do to make this happen? Where do you need to put your ego aside for a moment and do something that will benefit others?

Aquarius is the water bearer who pours ideas into the collective consciousness. What ideas are you spreading?

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Saturday 24 July @ 12.36pm

United Kingdom: Saturday 24 July @ 3.36am

US Eastern: Friday 23 July @ 10.36pm

US Pacific: Friday 23 July @ 7.36pm



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