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The Saturn-Jupiter conjunction

AKA The Great Mutation, 21/22 December 2020

There are a few things happening in the sky today, making the energy a little more charged. First up are a couple of things that happen every year—the Sun moves into Capricorn, and we have the Solstice. If you live in the Northern hemisphere you’re celebrating the Winter Solstice: a short day, a long night, and energetically a time of rest and hibernation as the cold blankets the ground. In the Southern Hemisphere it’s the Summer Solstice: a long day, a short night, and energetically a time to see how the intentions we set at the Spring Equinox are starting to grow, celebrate our achievements and enjoy life.

Overshadowing this regular astro programming is something that astrologers have been talking about all year. Saturn and Jupiter have left Capricorn and are conjunct at zero degrees Aquarius. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is happening on December 21. My Southern Hemisphere friends will experience it on the 22nd.

Dubbed The Great Mutation, these two planets meeting up have quite the impact. In a year of some fricken intense astrology (everything that Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter got up to in Capricorn, Venus retrograde, Mars retrograde, to name a few) this is the biggest shift, and the thing that everything else this year has been leading up to.

Jupiter is expansion, inspiration, optimism, vision, wealth. Saturn is form, control, structure, reality and prudence. Jupiter wants us to grow; Saturn makes sure we have limits and boundaries. Saturn deals in reality; Jupiter wants us to see future possibilities. They work together to keep each other in check. When they meet in the sky it’s like two heads of state having a conference about how their different perspectives can work together for the greater good.

Saturn and Jupiter meet up every 20 years, so it’s not a very common conjunction to begin with. What makes it more significant this time around is that they are changing the element that they are meeting up in. For the past 200 years they have been conjuncting in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Solid and stable, earth signs are concerned with building something tangible—what you can see, feel, taste, touch. If we look to the events of the past 200 years we have seen the rise of Capitalism and wealth, the Industrial Revolution, Mass Migration. The explosion of scientific research as it relates to all of this has also been part of our experience.

But on the flip side, we have moved into an excess of all of this, with the gap between the haves and haves-not growing ever-wider, the accumulation of ‘stuff’ and working long hours just to keep up with the cost of living.

Enter the new phase. Saturn and Jupiter meeting up in Aquarius kicks off a new 200 year cycle, this time in the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). Air signs are about learning, ideas, communication, how we relate to each other, humanitarian issues. While earth takes time to change (think about how slowly tectonic plates move) air moves more freely and quickly—from a soft breeze to high winds that whip up the atmosphere. We will notice change occurring and ideas spreading at a faster pace.

The last time the world entered an air phase was in 1206. Events following this included the rise of the Inquisition, the Crusades, and the Black Death—all changing beliefs, spreading knowledge around the world and changing social and economic structures. It resulted in the Renaissance which brought new ideas in philosophy, literature, art and music.

If you think about all the inquiries and investigations into world leaders, those who run big business and industry, questions around manufacturing practises and climate change, the rise of movements such as #metoo and Black Lives Matter and of course COVID-19, you can see how we are repeating the themes from the 13th century. But I also feel like it has all been a taster of what is still to come.

While change won’t happen overnight (after all, we have 200 years to really get into this cycle) we will start to see shifts happen relatively quickly. Aquarius is known for change and revolution, so the next 12 months will kick off a new social narrative that unites people rather than divides, a heightened focus on sustainability, restructuring and redefinition of industry and labour, the shift and change in control and power (especially as it relates to national borders), and the use of technology to support humanities new goals.

From this, we will see a shift from valuing what we have to valuing what we know. And we will move to more people embracing a ‘think global, act local’ stance knowing that their actions have a ripple effect on the community.

Being on the cusp of change sucks out everything that is good, which is why 2020 was the year it was. We needed to go through the culling period to get us ready for the shift and willing to create something better together. The change won’t be instant—the conjunction isn’t like flicking a switch and suddenly things are different. The revolution will be televised and sometimes it won’t be pretty to watch. But we will get through the plague and crusade and inquisition side of things and move towards a Renaissance 2.0.

So do you need to freak out about this conjunction? No. Should you be excited and optimistic about the future? Yes. The Age of Aquarius is kicking off (yes, the thing they sang about in the 60s is finally here) and you can help decide what the future looks like.

While the world is going through its collective shifts and changes, wherever this conjunction falls in your chart will also be kicking off your own personal revolution. A very brief overview is below (read both your Sun sign and rising sign if you know it).

If you’d like a more personal in-depth analysis, start your year off with a Year Ahead chart reading.

ARIES AND ARIES RISING The conjunction will be activating your 11th house of collective endeavours, friendships, community, organisations, your hopes, wishes and goals. You will be redefining your personal goals so that they can help the rest of the community in positive ways and blaze a trail for others to follow.

TAURUS AND TAURUS RISING Your career and how you perceive personal success and achievements will go through a revolution. Think about the contribution you are making to the world through the work you do. If it’s time to move on, use the energy of air to help get you out of any thoughts or situations you have been stuck in.

GEMINI AND GEMINI RISING Gemini is a sign that wants to know everything about everything, but this conjunction will be pushing you to find more depth in your knowledge and determine your own personal meaning and philosophy from it. It can push you to step more into a teaching role as you share your knowledge with others.

CANCER AND CANCER RISING You will be going through a transformation in how you view and share your power with others as you learn how to take on their values and integrate them with your own. The air energy will help lift you out of your emotional depths and give you some perspective on why you feel the way you feel.

LEO AND LEO RISING Your approach to one-on-one relationships is up for change—whether that’s with colleagues, clients or a significant other. As a Leo you love to shine on your own, but this will make you more conscious of how you fit with others and help you become less of a one-person-show and learn how to be part of the perfect double act.

VIRGO AND VIRGO RISING Your carefully constructed routines and habits will go through a change. As Virgo you are always trying to find the most streamlined ways to do things, and this will have you reaching toward new life hacks and rituals, especially in regard to your day-to-day tasks.

LIBRA AND LIBRA RISING The conjunction will take place in your fifth house so your creativity and self-expression will be in the spotlight, along with a bigger focus on your leisure time and your ability to play and find pleasure in all things, especially romance-related. The fifth house also represents children, so your family may expand in unconventional ways.

SCORPIO AND SCORPIO RISING The focus is on your home, family and foundations. Where have you come from and what are you doing to establish your own personal security? Changes involving property and real estate are on the cards. It’s time to look at your traditions and discard those that no longer work for you and create new ones to take their place.

SAGITTARIUS AND SAGITTARIUS RISING What you thought you knew and believed in no longer fits with you and it’s time to go back to basics in terms of how you learn and gather information. Open your mind to new and innovative things. Your intuitive Sag fire combined with the Aquarian energy of your third house lends you to pick future ideas and trends before others. Find adventure in your own backyard.

CAPRICORN AND CAPRICORN RISING Your second house of finances and personal resources will go through a change as you expand what it is you place value on and find new ways to make your money work for you. You’ll learn that self-worth doesn’t just come from material things or perceived success from others, but from how you perceive yourself and the ways in which you fit into the world.

AQUARIUS AND AQUARIUS RISING This conjunction is activating YOU, allowing you to meet the world fully as yourself. In the past your out-there ideas have been a bit much for some people, but you will notice others looking to you for guidance and inspiration. This is a time for you to let go of who you thought you had to be and become the person you are.

PISCES AND PISCES RISING As someone who is naturally attuned to the pulse of universal ideals and what’s hidden beneath the surface, this is going to kick your connection to your subconscious to the next level. You will be taking the ideas that come to you intuitively and in dreams and finding yourself going deeper into your spiritual practise with cutting-edge concepts and modalities.


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