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Full Moon in Aquarius

11/12 August 2022

I had a couple of spectacular falls recently while rollerskating which has resulted in needing some time to convalesce. While I am feeling much better now, it has meant that I wasn't able to write a post for this Full Moon. Instead, I have made a video talking you through the chart for various time zones. If watching things isn't for you, I have included an edited version of the transcript below the video.

With the Sun in Leo, we have the self the individual. It's about expressing yourself as you are, and standing out on the opposite side Aquarius is all about the collective, and communities and groups and doing things for the purposes to improve our society. It's got this very social justice socially minded aspect to it. And the other thing about this is that Leo is a fire sign—so it is fire inspiration, action, energy—and Aquarius is an air sign. It's known as the water bearer but instead of pouring water out of the jug it is pouring ideas into the collective consciousness. So what we have here with this full moon is this push and pull and seeing how we can be individuals and the work that we do and how we are seen in the world, versus the work we're doing for others.

Now there is some tension as well in this chart, because we have Saturn here at 22 degrees Aquarius so it's it's close enough to be called a conjunction, which means that it is heavily involved in this Full Moon. So Saturn is all about boundaries. And for us, he has been so close to the moon it's like those emotional boundaries and those belief systems that we need to break free from. Aquarius, and Leo, along with Taurus and Scorpio are known as fixed signs and fixed signs hold onto things. They can be very good, very useful in helping us stay the path and see things through. But, on the downside, sometimes, we can hold onto things for a little bit too long with them.

So there is this tension about looking at what we are holding on to. And whether that is something that's in our lives a belief system, pattern that we have. It could be that you've worked in a job for just way beyond it's used-by date and you but you're still holding on to it because you're afraid to change. And what what is coming in here is these guys over here in Taurus—it's Uranus the north node and Mars, who are begging the question as to what you need to do to move forward.

What are you valuing, and what needs to step up in your life, so you can create a shift and move into a place where you have more ease. You can enjoy yourself more. So, this, this is playing out for us in this sort of tense angle here in Melbourne. The time that it's happening means that for Melbourne has a Scorpio Ascendant. And so depending on where you are in the world, this Ascendant will will change so even though we're all under the influence of the full moon and there are general themes collectively, each place has a slightly different flavor to any astrological events because obviously it's happening in a different time so it creates a different ascendant.

So again we've got this fixed element of Scorpio and Scorpio is all about transformation and change and for us in this time zone and in this area It's the shifting into looking at the balance that we are creating as well and what we need to release and and shift and change to create that balance.

Aquarius loves freedom, it loves bit of a revolution. And it's almost like well, what makes you feel free and your heart, like what things do you need to do to have that sense of freedom. The freedom to be yourself—have a think about that.

Also to Pluto and Mars here have what's known as a Trine, so they're been acting very nicely together on this full moon, and it's giving this surge of power for our action so we can move on to this, this new phase of Taurus and of course to for anyone who has been following along about eclipses, you know eclipses are happening in Taurus and Scorpio for at least the next 12 months—it started the process started at the end of 2021. So we are going through this shift of changing values and economies, and whenever we start to go through all of that things start to crumble so if you've been feeling like you will be sort of tumbling around you and especially if you've got planets or angles in any of these fixed signs, you will be feeling this full moon stronger then say if you are Sagittarius, for example.

So it's almost about what do you really need to shift and the work for you might be a little bit deeper and you might be a little bit more emotional or tired, or whatever it is. So just go through it and honor that and also to I just show you like so.

London, UK: The time of the full moon gives them a Cancer ascendant so, this sense of like well traditions are shifting and changing, and, you know, how are you working with that how we, how are you communicating that. And what are the changes going on there.

New York: This is a very interesting chart because the Ascendant is at zero degrees Aries, very very start of the zodiac. So this is all about Mars and action, and setting off on this new journey. So for America you're going through the Pluto return so they're going through a very transformative revolutionary time at the moment it's like that whole tower energy of things crumbling around them. And, you know, what is happening around this full moon is creating people on the east coast to really be pioneers and really shift into this new direction and working towards this sense of doing things for for the collective for the group and what is

great for for the whole.

LA: It's a little bit different. It's a Capricorn ascendant right at the very final degrees of the sign. That's pretty potent, and with Pluto right here, again there is that sense of things going through this massive change effect for them. And you'll see here that the, the moon in Aquarius is in the first house of self so it is about what is breaking down, and what new identity is coming forth for America.

So that's just a little taste of how the flavor can change across all different places and if I had the time, I would go through every city but I don't. So anyway, back to the Melbourne chart because I know a lot of you are there.

Just, you know, think about what your vision is, because Aquarius is the sign that can see what hasn't happened yet, and the possibilities. So dream your vision into being. And don't be afraid of playing small, because you'll get this courage here from the sun in Leo, and you'll be able to let yourself roar and shine.

Create this new foundation for a better world, a better community, doing things which also help improve the lives of others.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Friday 12 August @ 11.35am

United Kingdom: Friday 12 August @ 2.35am

US Eastern: Thursday 11 August @ 9.35pm

US Pacific: Thursday 11 August @ 6.35pm

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