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Aquarius Season 2023

Let your unique self fly

As the Sun leaves Capricorn for Aquarius we can start to feel like the year is officially beginning. If you feel like you have been operating at half speed, rest assured that you aren’t alone—after all, we began the calendar year with both Mars and Mercury in retrograde. Now that both are direct (since January 13 and 19 respectively) we can start to feel our own internal systems begin to shift as both planets pick up speed.

With Uranus also set to station direct on January 23, we will then have three whole months with all planets direct. Uranus moving forward again will prompt us to create the change that has been percolating inside us. That thing that you have been thinking about, planning for and dreaming of will no longer be content to sit inside you—you will be forced to move forward with taking the action to turn it into a reality. This could be from your own internal push or from circumstances around you changing.

After all, Aquarius has a knack for turning something imagined into reality. It seeks the new, the innovative. Aquarius season runs from January 20 through to February 18 and it is a time to embrace our inner mad scientist.

If you look around you right now, much of what you see once existed in someone’s imagination: the device you are reading this on; your kitchen appliances; the car, train or plane that transports you. So ignore the naysayers and turn the impossible into possible.

The glyph of Aquarius is the water bearer, who spreads the ideas through the collective conscious. This tells us that ideas need to be shared. You can’t bottle all the things up inside of you. Learn something, share it, repeat. It is this concept of community that really excites the sign, along with improving conditions to create a better future for all. We begin to do this through our social connections—we can do more with the support of the group.

Aquarius reminds us of our individuality, our uniqueness. The test of this sign is how to maintain our sovereignty while also acting in the best interests of the group. Being a fixed sign it can be stubborn, but how can you bring some softness to this and allow the sharing of ideas to enhance everyone’s goals?

With Venus and Saturn conjunct at the powerful Super New Moon on January 22 we get a sense of the importance of being focused on our values and the people we share them with. Partnerships are a focus over the next month. They can solidify under this New Moon, yet the Venus–Mars square at the Leo Full Moon on February 6 can bring communication issues to a head (after all, Leo can be quite passionately stubborn at times). A week later, Valentine’s Day has the influence of Venus and Neptune cosying up to one another to help repair any personal or professional partnerships.

January 22 also marks the Chinese New Year. We will be under the influence of the Yin Water Rabbit. After the erratic energy of the Yang Water Tiger in 2022 when life seemed to alternate between all action and all rest, the Rabbit will be bringing a softness and more nurturing quality. Rabbits are social and very fertile animals, indicating that our ideas and projects will have a chance to grow and multiply, especially when we have a little help from our friends.

In Western Astrology, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto changing signs gives us a push to expand our wealth, bring structure to our dreams and bring lasting social transformation. Learn more about how this will show up for you personally in my Astrology of 2023 Webinar (instant download).

Enjoy this burst of fresh energy that the next month will bring and allow your unique ideas a chance to fly free.

The exact time of the New Moon in Aquarius is:

AEDT: Sunday 22 January @ 5.28am

United Kingdom: Saturday 21 January @ 8.53pm

US Eastern: Saturday 21 January @ 3.53pm

US Pacific: Saturday 21 January @ 12.53pm

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The exact time of the Full Moon in Leo is:

AEDT: Monday 6 February @ 5.28am

United Kingdom: Sunday 5 February @ 6.28pm

US Eastern: Sunday 5 February @ 1.28pm

US Pacific: Sunday 5 February @ 10.28am

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