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Trading fear for freedom

New Moon in Sagittarius

Perhaps this is what this season is all about: Trusting in the unknowns, finding gold in the little things, trading fear of what’s uncertain for freedom to thrive within it.

- Morgan Harper Nichols

What is it that you have been dreaming of? What secrets inside of you are ready to be released? As we head into this New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius—the sign of the freedom-loving, adventurous seeker—we can feel that life is going to take us in a new direction.

It’s at this point in the year where we realise why we had to experience all of the delays, the setbacks, the challenges of 2019, for they made us wiser and allowed us to drop our baggage so that we can feel freer to head off in a new direction. And Sagittarius likes to shoot off into new directions. Why stay put when there is something more out there?

But really, this New Moon in Sagittarius is less about just heading off on a wing and a prayer and actually launching ourselves into the things we have already been exploring. After that deep Scorpio season—which included a Mercury retrograde—we should have a pretty good idea of where we want to head. The thing stopping us … is ourselves.

That’s where Sag comes in. We need its oomph of fire energy to get ourselves moving. We need to harness its positive spirit, its love of potential, its intuitive power to go where we feel led.

Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. It has spent the past 12 months travelling through its home sign, allowing us to be more open and expansive and see the potential available to us. A week after this new moon, it will tick over into Capricorn where it will spend the next year helping us to (dare I say it) get practical. Where we might have found ourselves overwhelmed and under-qualified to take the steps we need to take, Jupiter will add an optimistic ‘let’s give it a go’ quality, giving us the courage to take the steps and try new things even when it all feels uncertain.

For that’s the thing right? We have to go on the journey even if we aren’t sure of what awaits us. We can pack our bags, kiss our loved-ones goodbye and be excited yet apprehensive at the same time. We just have to trust.

Luckily there is a lot of easy energy on this New Moon with trines all over the place: the Moon and Sun to Chiron will bring new energy to heal our wounds so we can use them to teach and help others; Jupiter and Venus are playing nicely with Uranus, supporting the change and expansion within ourselves; Mercury and Neptune will provide a link between our subconscious and our thinking minds, allowing ideas to drop in; Mars and the North Node give us the drive and energy to work toward our purpose.

Even the harder aspects still work in our favour. Mars opposite Uranus will help us tune up how we go about things—the way we assert ourselves and work toward our goals. Maybe we will discover a new way that works better for us. And Jupiter and Venus in square to Chiron can help us heal our sense of self-worth and what we value.

For me, 2019 changed the direction of my business and I pivoted from goal-setting and positive mindset to astrology. And yes, I was afraid of being laughed at for being ‘woo-woo’ but I kept feeling pulled in this direction, one that had been simmering under my skin for as long as I can remember. At first it felt like a big switch, until I realised that through chart readings I was helping people become more aligned to who they are, what they value and how they operate, making it more of a personal bespoke goal-setting and mindset offering rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Now it is time for me to set my sights on where I want to take this work.

New Moons are about setting intentions. With so much expansive energy pulsing about make sure that this month you take your time to get clear on what you are aiming for.

Ultimately, this Sagittarius season is about freedom: freedom from restrictions, freedom from the past, freedom to grow, freedom to change, freedom to do what you want to do, and freedom to be who you want to be.


+ How have you evolved in 2019?

+ Has what you valued changed? If so, why?

+ What direction do you want to head in 2020?

+ How do you normally approach your goals? Is there a way you can ‘tune-up’ to make this more sustainable and effective?

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Wednesday 27 November @ 2.05am

United Kingdom: Tuesday 26 November @ 3.05pm

US Eastern: Tuesday 26 November @ 10.05am

US Pacific: Tuesday 26 November @ 7.05am

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