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Equinox and Aries Season

20/21 March 2022

Happy Equinox! 

More and more people are looking to the cycles followed by our ancestors as a way to connect back to ourselves. Key moments in the year which mark the changing of the seasons are the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice.

The Equinox is a time of balance. With equal hours of day and night, it is the moment when we can adjust the imbalance in our routines, ground, reset and get ready to shift into the next season.

The Northern Hemisphere is experiencing the Spring Equinox. Spring is the time when we plant the seeds that we want to grow and when new life is born. Forget setting resolutions at the New Year—this is the most potent opportunity to really ground into your intentions for the next 12 months. What you start to put in motion now you can watch thrive through the summer when the energy is high. Think about how you want to feel and what you want to achieve, then set your goals, intentions and actions around this. 

In the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Autumn Equinox when you begin to harvest what you planted in spring and watched grow over the summer. This time is about taking stock and starting to get ready to slow down a little over winter. We are moving into a more internal time, a moment of rest and only doing what you need to to sustain yourself. Think about your approach to things, how you navigated obstacles and how satisfied you feel about your efforts and your resilience during this time. What can you release so you can rest a little?

This Equinox in March also marks the start of the astrological New Year, with the beginning of Aries season. Just like The Fool in Tarot, Aries is a burst of fresh energy ready to go out on a new quest, a new adventure.

Even though I live in Australia where this marks a time when Autumn hits and I am meant to be slowing down, I often feel a fresh burst of energy at this time with my projects and new ideas landing in my lap. I take them as things to tend to and explore and evaluate where I want to direct my energy. 

Aries gives us courage and motivation to go after what we want. It is a burst of fire to dry up excess water left over from Pisces season. Right now, Mercury and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces encouraging us to dream big. The Moon has entered Scorpio and begun its waning phase—an excellent time to feel into and shed anything leftover from Friday's Full Moon.

So Happy Equinox and Happy Aries Season. May you tune into the energies that are right and appropriate for you. 

* * *

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