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Aries Season 2023

Spark the flame

We have a week of fresh energy ahead of us: the Equinox and start of Aries season, a New Moon at 0 degrees Aries and Pluto moving into Aquarius. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that Mars is leaving Gemini after 7 months. Huzzah!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and with it we have the start of the astrological New Year. The more I follow the cycle of the zodiac, the more I feel out of sync with the calendar year. Aries season is the time when I feel like fresh energy comes rushing in, when I feel inspired to start new projects and send them out into the world. For me, it’s when the year really starts.

Aries says ‘I am here!’ as it rushes into the world. It is eager to discover new things and to begin. It is feisty and assertive and ready to go.

On 22 March we have a New Moon in Aries, at 0 degrees. Being right at the very start of the sign, this is the Universe extending its hand to you for a fresh journey. If you only set intentions at one New Moon this year, this is the one to do it—we are operating at the beginning of the beginning here.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Chiron, Jupiter in Aries we will be like a dog pulling on its lead, raring to go.


Mars in Cancer

Mars is the ruler of Aries, which has been hanging out in Gemini for 7 months. Ordinarily Mars spends 6 weeks in a sign, but its retrograde from the end of October through to January has meant we may have felt a bit stuck and stalled.

What it has (hopefully) meant for you is that you spent time reflecting on the ideas you put your energy into and can now take assertive action with them.

Mars will move into Cancer on 25 March which means this Aries season will have more of a sensitive vibe to it. Be careful to check your feelings before you snap at someone. Ask yourself what is really going on. Self-soothe your inner child.


Pluto in Aquarius

The other big showstopper this month is Pluto's entrance into Aquarius on 23 March. This marks a significant shift in energy for the planet of transformation, power, and intensity. Until June 11 we will be getting a preview of the themes that will arise over the next 20 years—it’s like dipping a toe into the water to test it out.

Dates for Pluto in Aquarius:

23 March 2023 to 11 June 2023

20 January 2024 until 1 September 2024

19 November 2024 to 8 March 2043

While Pluto was in Capricorn we started to experience old power structures and hierarchies being challenged. This will continue over Pluto’s 20 years in Aquarius, bringing in major shifts in our social structures, as new forms of community and collaboration emerge. Advancements in technology and innovation are a given (you can already see the beginning of it with AI).

At its core, Pluto's transit through Aquarius is about empowering individuals and communities to come together and effect meaningful change in the world. It will require us to confront our own biases, limitations, and prejudices. Pretty big stuff which will take its time to unfold.


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Full Moon in Libra and beyond

Chiron is conjunct the Full Moon in Libra on 6 April. The Aries–Libra axis is all about the We and the Me. It is about expressing our individuality while also learning how to cooperate and relate to others. With Chiron here, this Full Moon will be highlighting the ways our relationships are a mirror into the ways in which we hurt and the ways we heal.

Next month, during Taurus season, we have eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, bringing unpredictability to a normally predictable sign. Use Aries season to get started, to get moving, so you are prepared for any delays or detours or opportunities to leap ahead.

Ready, set, go!


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