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Full Moon in Leo

16/17 February 2022

The Full Moon in Leo is one of the most passionate full moons of the year. Leo loves to be in the spotlight and there is no better spotlight than the light of the Full Moon where Leo’s big-hearted generosity and playfulness has a chance to be centre-stage.

Leo rules the fifth house, the place where we develop our personal expression. It becomes how we shine as an individual and allow our creativity to flourish and pour out of us. It is also the house of pleasure, dating and children.

When you were a child, think of what you used to create. You would come home daily with paintings and works of art that you created by instinct, without questioning yourself if you were doing it right or if it was any good. The idea was that you were creating, trying out new things, letting your imagination do its thing.

As you got older, the noise of the world got into your head that you had to do things a certain way. So you stopped being so creative and followed the formula that others told you you had to follow. And by following this formula you allowed your light to dim to fit in with the crowd.

Leo asks us to turn up our light. After all, it is ruled by the Sun which is the biggest light of them all. The Sun shows up every day. Sometimes it may be covered by clouds but you know it is there. It still shows up, regardless.

The light of the Sun is healing. It helps plants to grow and gives humans much-needed vitamin D. So think about the good you are spreading into the world when you allow yourself to shine, when you show up every day and do your thing how many people feel your rays and feel better just by you being in the world and being yourself.

There is a square in the chart between the Sun, Moon and North and South nodes. With this we can feel the tension between our own self-expression, being part of the group, releasing the past and moving to our future. The square happens in the Fixed signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio, so if you have any planets or angles in your chart at around 27 degrees in these signs, you will feel the effects of this quite acutely. Tension in the chart is a moment of growth. Perhaps it feels like awkward growth, like you have to work hard for the change—you want it, but at the same time you resist it. The image I am seeing is breaking out of a box and the freedom and joy that comes from that.

At this Full Moon, Venus and Mars meet up in their first conjunction for the year. They are dancing closely to one another for the next couple of months. The connection here between our feminine and masculine energies, the union that it is creating will be repeated next month when they meet up with Pluto in Capricorn, followed a few days later by another conjunction in Aquarius. Having these conjunctions so close together is unusual—normally we are only gifted with one per year. It is starting a cycle for us to birth something new with, personally and collectively.

This will be calling in new partnerships, or new levels in our partnerships. It is about changing social values and balancing out gender roles in the collective and feeling the power of the rising feminine.

Stress and anxiety have been the undercurrent of the past two years. If nothing else at this Full Moon, be a bit playful and have some fun. Glam up, even if it’s just for you in your living room. Put on a performance, even if it’s just in the mirror. Have a dance. Shine your heart. Give and receive love. Express you.

Working with this Full Moon:

  • Reflect on your personal creativity and self-expression. Do you allow yourself enough time to play and experiment? (Note: creativity does not have to relate to the creative arts, but the way you problem-solve, create a meal, decorate your house etc.)

  • What type of relationship do you want to call into your life? Even if you are already in a relationship, you still have the opportunity to uplevel this.

  • Do you feel you have a healthy balance between your masculine (doing) and feminine (being) energies? If not, what adjustments are needed?

  • How can you open your heart more to giving and receiving love?

  • What future are you creating for yourself?

  • Are you showing up every day to shine? If not, what is stopping you?

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Thursday 17 February @ 3.56am

United Kingdom: Wednesday 16 February @ 4.56pm

US Eastern: Wednesday 16 February @ 11.56am

US Pacific: Wednesday 16 February @ 8.56am

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