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New Moon in Virgo

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

27 August 2022

A Virgo New Moon wants us to get things in order. It’s a time of sifting, sorting, fixing, improving; of getting organised, implementing systems. It is being the best version of ourselves, of being whole unto ourselves. Here is where we operate at our best. We know our own internal engine and what it needs.

As with the Full Moon in Aquarius, this New Moon brings an element of tension. Traditionally some astrologers read the aspects of squares and oppositions as ‘challenges’. I see them as opportunities. Where the tension lies are opportunities for growth, for getting into that analysis of why we want something, of looking at our shadow. If something always comes easy to you, you take it for granted—it is always there after all. But something you have worked toward brings an element of appreciation, of respect for your abilities.

Tension makes us question the wheres, the whys and the what fors.

So what exactly is the tension this New Moon?

To begin with, it is square Mars in Gemini. Here Mars is directing our energy to finding out more. It’s moving us here, there and everywhere. We might feel distracted, chasing that new shiny piece of information or going over the details. We may feel scattered, wired. Our nervous systems might be on the fritz. You can use the Virgo energy of discernment here. Check back in with yourself and ask ‘will this improve the situation?’ If your mind is running quickly, check back in with how something feels in your body.

Next let’s check in with Uranus—that crazy, unpredictable friend of ours. It is a few days into its retrograde period, conjunct the North Node. Systems and values need to shift, sometimes dramatically and unexpectedly. It is square to Saturn in Aquarius, an aspect we have been playing with for some time now. The Uranus–Saturn square is the dance between the old and the new, of keeping the status quo and moving toward change and innovation.

We need to decide what it is we value to take with us as we move forward, and what it is we are releasing. Saturn can be seen as authority and control, but also as focus. It makes sure we have a plan in place and aren’t just ‘building the aeroplane while we are flying it’. I read a blog post recently that urged us to slow down and practice radical foresight—this indeed feels like Saturn pulling on Uranus’s reigns.

Venus then comes into the equation bringing the question of values and the power of relationships. She is in Leo, bringing big-hearted, creative energy with her but also that need for self-expression. We are creating our lives every day. She urges us to play, to feel inspired at the possibilities. How can we experience more joy at a time when we feel like life is unpredictable and crazy and full of so much sadness and corruption? It is okay, you can give yourself permission to experience joy. You can create a future that brings more joy to you and to others. Choose what it is. Focus on it.

So back to the New Moon in Virgo. This is a healing energy. It is a priestess energy. It is powerful. It is evolving. For Virgo always sees where we can improve. Through this New Moon we can see the places we want to go and connect to a clearer path of understanding and knowledge.

How can you become more complete and sovereign?

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Saturday 27 August @ 6.17pm

United Kingdom: Saturday 27 August @ 9.17am

US Eastern: Saturday 27 August @ 4.17am

US Pacific: Saturday 27 August @ 1.17am

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