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Capricorn Season

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

22 December 2022–19 January 2023

Happy Solstice. Happy Capricorn Season. Happy New Moon.

It’s all happening. And also not.

As we near the end of the calendar year it feels as if we are walking through molasses—it’s thick, sticky. And to make it easier to navigate we need to release things, let them go, say no.

Capricorn brings us structure, a sense of responsibility, duties, goals. While you may be busy with your to-do list in the lead up to Christmas, I recommend that you clear some time on December 23 to set your new moon intention, and the type of structures you would like to create for yourself in 2023. We have the added bonus of Venus and Mercury also in Capricorn to help us think rationally and long-term.

This song popped up on my Spotify while I was writing this, it felt very appropriate.

It’s worth noting that while it is a good time for thinking and planning, the next month won’t be a great time for taking action. Mars is still retrograde in Gemini until January 13. On top of this, Mercury will be retrograde in Capricorn from 29 December to 19 January. It won’t be until March when we really feel like we can take off and take action, but that’s no excuse to delay your planning.

Retrograde periods are an excellent time to review, rethink, reassess, retreat … any word beginning with re. We are being given a gift to make sure that we are in alignment with what we want to call in for 2023.

You will find that your focus is drawn to the area of your chart which is ruled by Gemini and Capricorn.

Jupiter has shifted into Aries again. It will fly through the sign before settling in Taurus from 16 May 2023–25 May 2024. Jupiter in Aries brings expansion and a lust for the new. It gives us the confidence to set out on a new journey. Doors will open for you, but it is up to you to walk through them. That is why I urge you to use this next month to get clear on what you want, so that you know which doors to walk through—or even to knock on and demand entry.

The full moon in Cancer is on January 6 or 7 (depending on where you are in the world). Full moons are often a more heightened time, emotionally, and as this is in Cancer we will be all up in the watery feels. Throw in Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun just to supersize it all and you will be forgiven if your heart and mind are on overload. But lean into this with curiosity. Our feelings give us clues as to what is really going on. Be led by your intuition.

I have recorded a quick EFT video to support you through the energy of this Full Moon (click the image below to watch).

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques—also known as Tapping) is a branch of Energy Psychology which helps to reduce stress, clear emotional blocks and reprogram our thoughts. I offer EFT as part of The Complete Package.

2023 feels like a time when we will all be stepping up—accepting responsibility, taking action toward our purpose, being braver. With Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn changing signs plus the eclipses shifting to Aries and Libra there is a change of energy coming. I will be hosting a webinar on 14 January at 10am where we will go through this on a global level and also what it means for you and your own chart. Book here

Or if you want to dive into even more depth for yourself, I will be back for chart readings and Complete Package appointments from January 12. Book here and together we can explore where the energy is for you in 2023, what you want to call into your life and release outdated thoughts, beliefs, patterns with EFT.

The exact time of the New Moon in Capricorn is:

AEDT: Friday 23 December @ 9.16pm

United Kingdom: Friday 23 December @ 10.16am

US Eastern: Friday 23 December @ 5.16am

US Pacific: Friday 23 December @ 2.16am

Find your timezone here

The exact time of the Full Moon in Cancer is:

AEDT: Saturday 7 January @ 10.07am

United Kingdom: Friday 6 January @ 11.07pm

US Eastern: Friday 6 January @ 6.07pm

US Pacific: Friday 6 January @ 3.07pm

Find your timezone here



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