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Full Moon in Aquarius - August

Full Moon in Aquarius, 22 August 2021

In case you haven’t noticed, we are living in revolutionary times. Foundations are being challenged. Freedoms are being challenged. And we the people have had enough.

To backtrack a little: we live through many cycles, but one that is prominent right now is the shift into an air age. The way that it works is that for 200 years humanity is underpinned by either the fire, earth, water or air element. At the end of 2020 we moved from 200 years of earth (which saw the industrial revolution, rise of commerce and wealth, mining the earth for resources, excess consumerism) to the beginning of 200 years of air. Specifically, an Aquarian age.

The last time the planets were doing similar things was back in the 14th Century, which saw the Black Plague, Crusades and Spanish Inquisition. Before you get too disheartened, this led to the Renaissance which birthed many new ideas, philosophies and art. This was followed by the Age of Enlightenment which believed in creating better societies and better people. It’s three central concepts: the use of reason, the scientific method and progress.

So good things are on the way, but we’ve had a rocky start. That’s normal and natural in a time of transition. Just as a child doesn't go from crawling to running overnight, the world won’t change quickly. There are a few steps in between, including a lot of metaphorically falling over and picking yourself back up again.

Back to the Full Moon. Aquarius is the forward thinker, change maker and revolutionary. It is concerned with what is best for the collective. It wants us all to work together as one. It pulls seemingly impossible ideas and concepts from the ether and spreads them through the collective consciousness.

In July the Full Moon was at 1 degree Aquarius. We then had a month to travel through the sign of Leo learning to shine as an individual. Now we have a second Full Moon in Aquarius, this time at the end of the sign at 29 degrees. The lesson here is being courageous to be yourself and stand up and create the future you want for yourself, but to be aware of how your dreams impact the world.

There is a reason that you are alive right now. You have a role to play in this revolution. The actions you take are ones that will help move society forward. Pretty exciting, hey.

Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, stationed retrograde on August 20. This planet has been shaking up the system ever since it entered Taurus in 2018, taking us through radical changes in how we relate to the earth and each other. When Uranus is in retrograde we relate to its changes, shake-ups and breakthroughs on an internal level. It is helping us find our inner genius.

Jupiter will be conjunct the Moon doing its job to expand all it touches and bring a sense of optimism and good fortune. The idea that things will be better—yes please.

This Full Moon we also have a Grand Trine in air comprised of Venus in her home of Libra showing us the beauty and harmony of relationships, the North Node in Gemini pulling us toward learning and sharing new ideas and Saturn in Aquarius wanting us to do things well and reminding us that revolutions take time (the French Revolution took 10 years, the American Revolution was 18 years).

Mars and Mercury are in Virgo helping us to tap into Virgo’s gifts of working out the best systems and approaches and getting sh*t done. The Sun also moves into Virgo on August 23, highlighting this part of your chart for the next month. Virgo’s ability to shift and change as necessary is a great counterpoint to the fixed and focused energy of Aquarius, hopefully allowing us to let go of some ideas that no longer work for us and see where we can improve both ourselves and our communities.

Whatever happens, rest assured that the revolution will not only be televised, but it will be all across the online spaces. And we are all part of it.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Sunday 22 August @ 10.01pm

United Kingdom: Sunday 22 August @ 1.01pm

US Eastern: Sunday 22 August @ 8.01am

US Pacific: Sunday 22 August @ 5.01am

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