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Full Moon in Leo

5/6 February 2023

Often we feel the effects of the Full Moon more in the week leading up to it. Tension builds. Then, the Full Moon itself is an opportunity for us to release this tension. To make the change we need to make.

Leo brings the drama. The big rise, the big emotions, but also the big reveal—that moment of expressing who you really are.

The Moon in Leo and Sun in Aquarius are square Uranus in Taurus. These are all fixed signs which means they can be focused and, at times, stubborn. Squares make us feel like something is grating up against us, something that isn’t right. It’s up to us to work out what that might be and to create the adjustments we need.

On top of this, Uranus can throw cosmic molotov cocktails into proceedings—shaking things up, bringing the unexpected. All the building tension can bring dramatic changes as we seek freedom from the old ways.

Venus and Mars are also square each other in Pisces and Gemini, respectively. This is mutable energy, which helps us to move and shift. But the lover and the warrior planet in a square means that we might want to move in a different direction or have a different point of view to those we are in a relationship with.

This has the potential to create overblown misunderstandings. But once the tension has subsided, ask yourself what it was really all about and whether or not you want to repair the damage.

If you do want to, you will have a helping hand on February 14/15 when Venus and Neptune are conjunct. If not, then use this time to connect to the love you have for yourself and what you want to call into your life.

Get clear on your relationship style and emotional needs, plus release past hurts and blocks that are impacting your ability to call in the relationship you desire and deserve. The Complete Package supports personal awareness and change and gives you an opportunity to play with ideas and options in a safe, supportive environment.


Exploration of the relationship planets and houses in your birth chart

+ Guided meditation/dialogue with the planets so you can tune into their energy and message

+ Talk therapy to connect the dots between your personal experiences

+ EFT (aka Tapping) to release out-of-date thoughts and emotions related to past events

+ Intuitive development exercises so you can learn to trust your inner voice

Available as a one-off session, or for deeper work purchase a 3 or 6 session bundle. Book here.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Monday 6 February @ 5.28am

United Kingdom: Sunday 5 February @ 6.28pm

US Eastern: Sunday 5 February @ 1.28pm

US Pacific: Sunday 5 February @ 10.28am

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