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Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra, 28/29 March 2021

The sign of Libra is about balance, harmony, justice, beauty and partnerships. A Libran Full Moon shines a light on where we may be out of balance in our lives, what’s unfair or unjust and the work we need to do to realign. It is a beautiful time to reset and regroup, especially following the balancing energy of the Equinox last weekend.

Retreats are great to help quiet the mind and spend time doing deep inner-reflection, but the gift of all of this inner work comes to the fore when we step back into the world. In astrology Libra rules the seventh house, which is where we cross the threshold from the inner self to relating to others. This then leads into the eighth house of transformation (which is a story for next month).

The Full Moon is opposite the Sun, Venus and Chiron in Aries. Venus represents relationships and Chiron is the wounded healer. There is a lot of self-healing that will come with this Full Moon so that we can show up in our relationships as more evolved versions of ourselves.

Each time I write about Libra I seem to say that Gurus are great, but relationships are your biggest teachers. And the reason I do this is simply because it’s true.

It is through interacting with others that we learn more about ourselves. Relationships are a mirror which reflect back at us the behaviours and patterns which are great and not-so-great. Through others we can learn how to strengthen boundaries, develop more compassion, be more assertive, learn to compromise, become better communicators.

This Full Moon is an opportunity for us to acknowledge and give thanks for the relationships in our lives which have helped shaped us. To express gratitude for the personal growth each one has facilitated and to heal lingering wounds.

My playlist for this Full Moon is designed to take you on a journey through this.

In other planetary influences, Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces (with an exact conjunction on March 30) making this an excellent time to let your mind wander through creative pursuits. These two planets represent our thinking minds and our higher minds. Pay attention to the ideas that come to you and/or any messages that come to you in dreams. It’s also worth noting that while Mercury transits through Pisces you may have difficulty concentrating or diving into the detail of things—especially during this conjunction—so if you can try to do lots of brainstorming and conceptual thinking tasks over the next week. Once Mercury moves into Aries on April 5 you’ll find this dreaminess will ease.

Mars is in Gemini where it has the influence of the North Node drawing us toward the future. There is also a stabilising energy from Saturn in Aquarius which is helping us to think long-term.

At the moment there is quite a lot of Cardinal and Mutable energy in the planets. In plain English, this means that there is energy to help us start things and also to shift and change. For some, this can feel unsettling and hectic and like things aren’t actually getting done. There’s also a lot of Fire and Air, which translates to movement and mental energy. If you do feel scattered, make sure you are doing lots of grounding practises such as walking barefoot on the earth, breathwork and meditation, as well as exercise to help shift your energy out of your mind and back into your body.

As always when Aries and Libra are involved, this is a balance between the We and the Me. Who are you as an individual, do your relationships allow you space to be yourself and are they helping you to grow?

Enjoy the beauty and the balance of this Full Moon.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Monday 29 March @ 5.48am

United Kingdom: Sunday 28 March @ 7.48pm

US Eastern: Sunday 28 March @ 2.48pm

US Pacific: Sunday 28 March @ 11.48am




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