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Full Moon in Scorpio

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Full Moon in Scorpio, 26/27 April 2021

Taurus season is a time for slowing down and enjoying the abundance and pleasure in our lives. It’s earthy and sensual and present. But astrology likes to remind us that there are two sides to everything—enter the Full Moon in Scorpio to reveal what’s under the surface.

Scorpio can be an intense all-or-nothing sign. It’s a water sign (which is connected with our emotions) and its mode of expression is Fixed, which accounts for its focused intensity. Scorpio is ruled by both Mars the warrior, and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. All of this together equals emotional power and depth, sex and transformation. And if you’re not comfortable with this side of yourself, a Full Moon in Scorpio can feel intense.

Scorpio follows Libra in the Zodiac. If Libra is the rom-com where two people get together, Scorpio is what happens after the happy-ever-after. It is where we merge with others—our assets, resources and values—and transform, shedding our skin like a snake to evolve to a new level.

It’s a reminder that we are constantly evolving. Transformations aren’t always like a bolt of lightning from the heavens. Changes begin internally with a nudge or a feeling that prompts you to do the work to alter your external circumstances. Often they take their time, changing a little bit moment to moment until one day you look back and see just how far you’ve come.

How have you changed in the past 6–12 months? Do your insides match your outsides? What fears can you release? What burdens can you let go of? How can you create space for the new?

Full Moons bring light to a situation. This time around, it’s a Supermoon, which means that it is close to the earth (and it will look awesome, so go outside for some moon-gazing). It’s up close and personal, bringing up things from the depths of our psyches for us to witness, learn from and release. The house that Scorpio rules in your birth chart is where you will feel this Full Moon. If you have planets or angles around 7 degrees in Scorpio, Taurus, Leo or Aquarius they’ll also be influenced.

Have I scared you? If I have, I must apologise—my natal moon is in Scorpio so I naturally get both excited and intense about Scorpio-transits. But, if you do feel all the feels with this Full Moon, here are my tips:

Sit with the feeling

What is coming up? Ask yourself why at least five times to get to the heart of the matter. When you understand the root cause, then you can forgive and release.

Move the energy

Mars needs a physical outlet. Sweat it out. Lift weights, box, run, dance, have sex.

Cleanse with water

Swim in the ocean, have a bath, cry.

And let’s not forget that we are in Taurus season. So once you’ve visited the underworld, come back to the surface and enjoy the simple pleasures in life—nature, good food, a delicious coffee.

The Moon will be opposite the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. Uranus brings unexpected changes and a desire for freedom and innovation. Perhaps this will bring a new solution, approach or plan that you hadn’t thought of previously.

Venus and Mercury are also travelling through Taurus at the moment. Just days ago they too were conjunct Uranus, sparking the unexpected. Here we have the communication in our relationships and our thoughts around our self-worth (whether positive or negative) coming to light. Expect deep and meaningful conversations in the coming weeks.

Another notable transit is that Mars has just entered Cancer. Mars wants action, Cancer wants to go inward and rest. It’s not a happy placement for Mars and we may feel frustrated—a ‘let’s just get the job done without having to deal with all of these emotions’ kinda vibe. Over the next seven weeks, people may act passive-aggressively or be extra protective of their homes and traditions. It’s knowing what drives us on an emotional level that can help here. How can you assert how you are feeling in a constructive way?

Whatever you experience this Full Moon, embrace it. Allow yourself to release what you no longer need this Full Moon to create space for what is coming—Scorpio will help you find treasure in the depths.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEST: Tuesday 27 April @ 1.31pm

United Kingdom: Tuesday 27 April @ 4.31am

US Eastern: Monday 26 April @ 11.31pm

US Pacific: Monday 26 April @ 8.31pm




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