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Full Moon in Virgo

18 March 2022

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac—the culmination of all we’ve learned over the past year and a chance to let go of the old before the new cycle begins again with Aries season.

The Full Moon in Virgo, arriving just days before the Equinox and the start of Aries season, is our chance to really look at our dreams and desires and illuminates the action we need to take to get there. It is about the detail required to get to the big picture, and letting go of the bad habits that get in our way of doing what we need to do.

At her core, Virgo is a healer who is here to serve. She can’t fully and effectively do so until she becomes whole first and can give from a place of abundance. Take a look at your physical, mental and spiritual health and see where you need some self-healing.

When we are at our best we can then help others.

There is stress and strain on us all as we absorb the news. Pisces teaches us that we are all connected, so we feel the ripples go through our system and carry it with us. If we can absorb the negative, we can absorb the positive. So tend to your own healing, get together with others to meditate (I am reminded of the Maharashi Effect on crime rate) or dance or laugh, or whatever you need to keep your vibe high and send healing waves through the collective.

The Moon in Virgo is making what is known as a ‘kite’ with Pluto, the North Node and Sun/Neptune. It is asking us to ground into our heart’s desires and go toward our future, our big vision, the person we are becoming. Just like how a hot air balloon needs to release weight in order to go higher, we need to release energetic weight from our subconscious.

All the planets in Pisces are turning up the volume on our inner voice and messages from our higher self—use this to guide you.

While the highest expression of Virgo teaches us how to be of service, humble, discerning and analytical, the shadow traits of the sign are criticism, over-analysis, perfectionism and allowing people to walk all over us. The latter can stop us from acting from a place of wholeness. The inner critic needs to be tamed. It must accept that a finished project is better than an unfinished search for perfection. It needs to learn that the best decision is the one you actually make so you can move forward, rather than wallow in the shadows of deliberation.

Know that you have what you need inside of you to get to where you want to go.

This Full Moon is also bringing up the issue of boundaries. The energy of both Virgo and Pisces can often allow people to overstep personal boundaries which can be detrimental to our health. Running yourself ragged for others doesn’t do anyone any favours, so this is a time for you to reclaim your power and focus on the key things that sing to you. When you are empowered you can still help others, you just do so from a healthier place.

Once you have thought about all of this, it is time to get out of your head and allow your body to do the releasing and healing and creating of space. I recommend my Virgo playlist and ritual to help you do so.

This Full Moon, ask yourself:

+ How will you adjust and improve the systems in your life?

+ Where have you given your power away? How will you reclaim it?

+ How is your mind/body/spiritual health?

+ What is your big vision and what work needs to be done in the practical sphere to get there?

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Friday 18 March @ 6.17pm

United Kingdom: Friday 18 March @ 7.17am

US Eastern: Friday 18 March @ 3.17am

US Pacific: Friday 18 March @ 12.17am

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