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Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

5 May 2023

We have been working through the Taurus-Scorpio story since November 2021 (the final eclipse in this particular cycle will be in November 2023). This has had us explore our relationship with money, resources, what we value (including ourselves), power, sex, what we hide and how we deal with it when it rises to the surface. The area of your chart where Taurus and Scorpio fall will be where you have been feeling the effects of these eclipses the most.

This Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is said to be particularly transformational, because Scorpio is a sign that is known for its way to change form—think of the phoenix rising from the ashes. It has the power to transmute pain and suffering and turn it into gold, which is another way of saying we have to release our blocks and resistance in order to have the life we want.

This week I have been feeling into the notion of ‘releasing blocks’. It seems to be the buzzword that is filling my social media feed lately, telling me that I can’t move forward until I release the things that are holding me back. The danger is we can create a story that we have so many money/relationship/self-worth/insert-your-own-word blocks that we must release. We tell ourselves that we need to be fully free of these first, before we can get what we want—until then, we are stuck where we are, and there we will stay.

Words are powerful things and if we continuously say we have a block, then we get stuck in that story. Sometimes we even use our blocks as an excuse as to why we don’t have the thing we say we want, because it feels scary to move forward into the unknown.

When I did my EFT training, my teacher held up a glass and told us to imagine it was filled with dirty water. No-one wants to drink dirty water. She said that what EFT does is to empty out this dirty water (old beliefs, stress-responses, negative thoughts etc.) and then we fill the glass back up with clean water, which is much better for us. We fill ourselves back up with positive things that become our truth and pull us forward.


I help bring awareness to your personal energy shifts with a detailed chart reading, process and accept your experience with Holistic Counselling and release with EFT.


Astrologers and other people in the spiritual space are quick to say that a particular celestial event will be transformational (I’ve said it many times myself). From my perspective, all of them are. The birth chart itself shows us our process of growth and evolution over our lifetime, and planetary transits are the things that trigger what can sometimes be life-changing events. We are always changing, always evolving.

Sometimes change is subtle.

If we look at Taurus and Scorpio, both of these are fixed signs which means they have focus and take their time. Taurus is earth, Scorpio is water. Last year I went to the Jewel Cave in the Margaret River region of WA. In the cavernous space you can see how water levels changed the shape of the rocks, how stalactites and stalagmites formed. It takes 1000 years for one cubic inch (16 cubic cm) of stalactite or stalagmite to grow. If you were to watch this on a day-to-day basis you wouldn’t notice it happening, but over time something beautiful and breathtaking is created. Remember that small daily actions have as much power to create change as a big event occurring.

I say this because I don’t want you to fret and get anxious that a big, horrible thing will happen in your life when someone tells you there will be a transformational transit. Or to expect something magical to happen to instantly change your life, then feel disappointed when it doesn’t. Sometimes a change comes from a mindset shift, and from that we create the external change to match our inner reality over time.

When we are caught in the middle between where we are at and where we want to be we experience tension. This is when we are quick to blame the blocks and resistance that we simply must release in order to move forward. In doing this, we can blame ourselves for not being enough or doing enough and this has its own consequences and we go through a cycle of self-blame and negative self-talk. As I said earlier, this isn’t helpful and can make us feel like we are weak instead of a powerful creator.

So, in the spirit of transformation, I ask you to transform your perspective. Instead of focusing on the ‘blocks’ that are holding you back, focus on what is pulling you forward.

In this I mean your why for wanting what you want. Do you want more freedom, flexibility, ease? Do you want a lifestyle that is more balanced so you can spend more time on creative, pleasurable pursuits? Whatever it is, allow this why to drive you. Focus on it, imagine yourself already having the thing, feel it in your body. Then surrender to all that happens which clears the path for you.

As for dealing with the days around the eclipse and any funk you may find yourself in, my advice is not new. I say this all the time: do your moments of self-care; rest or move as you need; ground yourself; spend time near bodies of water; stay hydrated; journal—reflect on what has changed over the past 18 months; clean your house (there’s nothing quite like physically cleansing your space or rearranging furniture to shift the energy).

And if you fancy some EFT, I’ll post a video on my Instagram tomorrow. Feel free to send me something you are emptying out and what is pulling you forward and I’ll incorporate it into the tapping.

I’m so very proud of you. You are exactly where you need to be, and you are going exactly where you need to go. You’ve got this.

The exact time of the Lunar Eclipse is:

AEST: Saturday 6 May @ 3.34am

United Kingdom: Friday 5 May @ 6.34pm

US Eastern: Friday 5 May @ 1.34pm

US Pacific: Friday 5 May @ 10.34am

Find your timezone here


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