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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

8 November 2022

It is said that the only constant is change. Yet there are times when the change gets all too much and we just want to crawl back into the comfort of the way things were. This feels like one of those times. What’s up is down and what’s down is up. It’s like the two Christmas baubles rolling through central London, making you swerve off the road.

The Taurean energy can dig its heels in all it wants, but this eclipse is bringing the energy of expect the unexpected. We have Uranus involved, urging us to step out of our comfort zone. We know the rules, now we need to break them.

On one side is safety, on the other is your dream. Your dream feels impossible to achieve when you stay on the safe side, but with a leap of faith you can discover that there’s more to life.

At the Scorpio end, Venus and Mercury join in this eclipse bringing deep conversations to our relationships. We are upleveling what we place value on. In the wider world this looks like a changing relationship with money, time, resources, and the environment. In your life it can be how you value yourself and where you want to focus your energy—after all, your energy is your most valuable resource.

Saturn over in Aquarius is squaring this eclipse, building up or breaking down boundaries; providing focus and long-term thinking. You can cut the tension caused by all this fixed energy with a knife, but with warrior Mars (he of the sharp objects) in retrograde and squaring Neptune, you are forgiven if you aren’t entirely sure where to make the cut.

But do not stress, as changes activated by eclipse energy can take up to six months to fully manifest. You may not see literal changes in your life right now. It could be an internal shift which sees you moving house or changing careers six months down the line. To learn more about eclipses, head here.

So if you are in the nebulous energy zone, feeling tired and wired, go easy on yourself. The other day I scribbled in my journal about how overwhelmed I felt with all the thoughts crowding my head. The antidote, which poured out of me, was to make my way to the eye of the storm. That’s where the calm is.

In amongst all that life brings you right now, ask yourself how you can bring the focus back to that calm place inside of you. Even if just for a moment. It could be while you walk, dance, cook, write, swim, meditate, garden … whatever it is that brings you back to a place of stillness and peace. Then take action from this place.

On a practical note, this is a total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon and will be visible in Australia, Asia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America. So go out and look at the sky.

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Tuesday 8 November @ 10.02pm

United Kingdom: Tuesday 8 November @ 11.02am

US Eastern: Tuesday 8 November @ 6.02am

US Pacific: Tuesday 8 November @ 3.02am

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