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New Moon in Aries

1 April 2022

I feel like we are all in need of some Aries energy.

Let’s be honest. It’s natural to feel defeated right now. Resilience is low as we keep getting hit with new COVID variants and natural disasters; war and revolutions play out across the world.

The general vibe is a bit flat.

Recently I was reminded of the term languishing—a state of feeling blah, of just going through the motions. If life has resulted in you feeling depleted right now, know you are not alone.

We start April with the New Moon in Aries. It is bold, courageous and wants to be startin’ somethin’.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represents new beginnings. It is a cardinal fire sign—just the tonic we need to pull us out of our state of languishing. Aries gives us inspiration, courage and energy to take action.

Invite the element of fire into your life to help with this. This could be lighting a candle, eating warming food or wearing the colour red.

The ruler of Aries is Mars which is currently in Aquarius, the sign of community and revolution. This means that this New Moon has a flavour of ‘think global, act local’. So think: What is the big dream that you have for the world? What part do you want to play in creating this? Use your answers to help form your next steps.

Let’s not forget that Mars is the God of War. It’s time to ask yourself what you are fighting for. This might be in your home, your workplace, your community or your country. Wherever you are feeling it, this is the push you need to take courageous action and ignite your inner warrior.

For all its warrior associations, there is a tenderness to Aries. It’s related to Spring when new animals are born and blossoms start blooming. Aries is also associated with The Fool card in Tarot, which represents setting off on a hero’s journey with hope and inspiration in our heart.

We might not know what lies ahead but we are drawn to myriad possibilities. Perhaps you don’t know the direction you want to go in. For this I offer you the suggestion to follow your curiosity—it will lead you to your path.

To enhance this, Neptune and Jupiter are in Pisces, turning our dreams up to 11. It feels like a time to drop into your intuition to discover something that the world hasn’t yet seen. Nurture your dreams.

If you’ve already got goals and intentions on the go, this is a good time to revisit and refresh as the energy will help give you a boost of motivation. If there is something on your list that no longer feels good to you it’s okay to let it go and allow something fresh to take its place.

With Saturn also dancing with Mars and Venus in Aquarius we are being called to set our sights on a values-based future. Saturn will help us form a strategy and give us the discipline and focus we need to turn all our delicious dreams into reality.

Finally, the New Moon is conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) and Mercury (the messenger). There might be a healing conversation you need to have with someone to end a disagreement or dispute, or you might feel the pull to speak up and stand up for yourself. Just be careful not to use your words as a weapon—remember to think before you speak.

All the planets are direct right now, giving us excellent momentum to get started on our projects. So dream big and set your New Moon intentions with a heart full of confidence and love.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Friday 1 April @ 5.24pm

United Kingdom: Friday 1 April @ 7.24am

US Eastern: Friday 1 April @ 2.24am

US Pacific: Thursday 31 March @ 11.24pm

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