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New Moon in Gemini

18 June 2023

Toy monkeys linked together

At this New Moon in Gemini we are working with the energy of duality. The different faces we wear in different situations, how we adapt. The exploring, the fun, the love. How we express ourselves. Our creativity, discovering new places and things, flowing from one moment to the next.

Throughout Gemini season, you would have been collecting new information, new ideas. The gift of this time is to show you that there are more options than you first thought.

I know that you have been feeling the nudge to move on, to do the thing you want to do. And yet your mind has been stuck on ‘the way I have always done things’. But that doesn’t have to be the way you continue to do them.

Gemini is a mutable sign—it darts and weaves and changes direction like a toddler who is discovering the world.

When we are children we act instinctively because ‘the right way’ hasn’t been drummed into us yet. We play and make up games with our friends, we draw pictures and do random craft projects just for fun.

As we get older, the noise around us seeps into our brain and we start to question what we are creating: is it good enough? Are we doing it right? We begin to censor ourselves, or lock ourselves up in a box and think that that is all we are allowed to be.


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The energy of a Gemini New Moon opens us up to play, to new ways of expression, to learning new things. It is the beginner's mind, of being open to discovering something new, approaching things in a new way.

Venus and Mars in Leo are urging us to create the things we value and desire. The oomph, the fire. Leo gives us fixed energy—a touch of stubbornness, the focus to stay the course. One of your sparks will turn into a flame and burn brightly.

Use this New Moon to set an intention to find a new way.

Say yes to that thing and see where it leads you.

Play, play, play.

Journaling prompts for the New Moon in Gemini

Do you have a fire in your belly or has the flame gone out? What can you do to relight it?

What are you creating?

What adjustments do you need to make?

What information do you need to share?

How will you allow your ideas to shine?

How can you bring more fun and playfulness into what you do?

The exact time of the New Moon in Gemini is:

AEST: Sunday 18 June @ 2.37pm

United Kingdom: Sunday 18 June @ 5.37am

US Eastern: Sunday 18 June @ 12.37am

US Pacific: Saturday 17 June @ 9.37pm

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