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New Moon in Libra

25/26 September 2022

We are living through times where things are moving very fast. Where we once had a chance to stop and breathe and regather our strength before the next event, now we barely have a chance to find our footing. It’s like being knocked down by waves in the ocean, standing up and realising another is upon you.

This New Moon in Libra is a reminder to rebalance. Our needs fluctuate as we go through life’s shifts and changes. At some stages, balance might look like having equal time carved out for work, rest and play. In others, it could be more of a 50/25/25 split. It’s about leaning into what you need at any given time, adjusting as required.

Balance requires opposite forces. Have you ever been in a yoga class, wobbling around in tree pose, and heard the teacher say ‘press down with your standing foot’? Suddenly, the wobbles stop. To feel more balanced we must be more grounded. If you are wobbling all over the place right now, what can you do to ground down?

Almost all the planets are retrograde right now which suggests that part of the balance we are needing right now is an internal one. This reflection is key for us to determine where we are and where we want to go. An inner change happens before an external change.

Venus and Mars are the two planets that aren’t in retrograde right now, but even their direct influence doesn’t bring us ease as they are squaring each other—this means they are both in mutable signs (Virgo and Gemini) and yet want to act in different ways. Mars wants to explore new ideas, Venus wants to improve on the ones we have. Right now is a moment in time where we are becoming more aware of how our opinions and values differ from those of others.

While this can create misunderstandings and make it difficult to come to a consensus, the Sun entering Libra brings a reminder of give and take, the importance of understanding both sides. Fairness, balance, harmony—that is what we can harness this New Moon.

Many people are feeling defeated right now. We are still living through a pandemic, the economy is throwing up financial challenges. Sometimes it is okay to take a rest. If you have been running on empty for too long, think about what you need to do to refuel your tank. If you have been spending too much time on your own due to working from home, how can you bring more social balance into your life? If something has ended for you, how can you use the opportunity to pivot toward something new?

While the remainder of 2022 will come with more tests and challenges thanks to eclipse season and turning Mars retrograde next month, the lesson here is to move forward in spite of the challenges and obstacles coming our way. Remember that diamonds form under pressure.

Above all else, reach out to the people around you. With Libra ruling relationships this is a time to reconnect with friends you haven’t seen for awhile or meet someone new. We are stronger when we are supporting one another.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEST: Monday 26 September @ 7.54am

United Kingdom: Sunday 25 September @ 10.54pm

US Eastern: Sunday 25 September @ 5.54pm

US Pacific: Sunday 25 September @ 2.54pm

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