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New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio, 4/5 November 2021

A lot of people don’t like diving into their shadow. They don’t want to go deep, instead preferring to dance on the surface of life. They fear change and death and hold tightly onto the way things are. Yet, life is a series of changes. Even the cells in our body are constantly renewing themselves. Our body recognises the need to renew and refresh itself—to release the old to make way for new, fresher parts—and so we need to allow ourselves to embrace changes in other parts of our lives.

Scorpio season started after a very heavy-on-the-Libra month. With Mars and Mercury joining the Sun during Libra season our focus was very much on finding the balance and thinking, thinking, thinking about things. The transition to Scorpio felt a bit jarring in comparison, pulling us into our emotions and wanting us to look under the surface.

Sex, deep intimacy, the merging of ourselves with others, the merging of our resources with others, power, psychology, magick, the occult, death. These are all themes associated with Scorpio. It is essentially a sign that leads us through the cycles of death and rebirth.

If there is only one New Moon a year that you allow yourself to explore and set intentions relating to the ‘taboo’ parts of life, this is the one.

Now, the Moon doesn’t really like being in Scorpio. Scorpio goes deep and sometimes this can be a bit too intense for the sensitive Moon. She wants her feelings to be nurtured and to feel safe. Releasing can sometimes be a painful process. The few days before a New Moon are always the most intense time. This is the part of the cycle which is the yin-est of the yin phases, where we are stripping away the final pieces before the next cycle begins. The sky gets darker and darker wanting us to go within and find the wisdom and light that is in us.

And this is the delicious part (at least I think so, but then again my natal moon is in Scorpio so I’m a bit biased): once the old falls away, it creates space for something new to be birthed.

Years ago I went to MOMA in New York. One of the pieces was an interactive installation which represented the conception/in utero/birth process. The first section (conception) was pitch black, the second (in utero) was like being in a light, warm bubble and the third (birth) required a bit of effort but each person emerged laughing. The lesson here is: don’t be afraid of the initial darkness as it leads to light; and birthing something new (within yourself or a project you send out into the world) can take effort but it is fun!

This New Moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of change, innovation and freedom and Scorpio is the sign of transformation. We are all going through a period of letting go and to me this placement denotes that there may be a sudden shift or unexpected changes. New things will be discovered, new paths will open. It could be something tangible or just a belief you have about yourself. Let Uranus surprise you.

At the start of the week Mars left Libra and entered Scorpio. While Mars was in Libra you may have felt like you couldn’t really move forward, that you were too busy weighing up your options or trying to just keep things balanced. Mars is very much at home in Scorpio and this brings a sense of power to this New Moon. Mars will help you fulfill your hunger and desires.

Mercury just left its post-retrograde shadow (meaning we now have to stop blaming everything that goes wrong on Mercury being in retrograde). For this New Moon it is hovering at the end of Libra, sextile Venus in Sagittarius. I feel like this easy aspect will bring some lightness to proceedings: Venus in Sagittarius has optimism and joy on her side and Mercury in Libra will balance our thoughts.

Both planets are poised to change signs within 24 hours of this New Moon so expect to feel the energy shift a little. Mercury will enter Scorpio where it is the cosmic detective. It likes to get to the bottom of things, especially digging deep down into our psyche to help us understand our patterns and why we act the way we do.

Venus will leave Sagittarius for Capricorn where she gets a bit more practical and pragmatic about her values and desires—thinking more long-term about money and love. She’ll be here for a few months thanks to a retrograde period which starts about a week before Christmas, but more on this another time.

This is a New Moon where you need to be open to the process of change. Allow yourself to be led by your intuition, to not be afraid of your wants and desires, and to acknowledge and honour your power.

You are a powerful creator. Your thoughts manifest into things. Remember this when you are setting your intentions this New Moon.

The exact time of the New Moon is:

AEDT: Friday 5 November @ 8.14am

United Kingdom: Thursday 4 November @ 9.14pm

US Eastern: Thursday 4 November @ 5.14pm

US Pacific: Thursday 4 November @ 2.14pm




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