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New Moon in Taurus

19 May 2023

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Taurus season has been a bit hectic this year, what with the eclipses and Mercury retrograde. So it’s nice that we now have a good old-fashioned regular new moon to see us out.

The heavens agree, with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node all congregating in Taurus. They are encouraging us to slow down, to exhale.

So many of us are running on the fumes, pushing our frazzled nervous systems to just keep going and get the things done and reach the next thing. And yet, what we really need to do is look around us and enjoy where we are, in this moment.

Plants grow in good soil, in conditions that suit them best. Likewise, we must know the conditions that we need in order to grow well, taking steps to ensure our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are at their best. We must tend to our goals the way we would a plant, giving them our time and energy and being patient with their growth (and remember that sometimes you need to prune a plant and allow it to rest in the winter for it to bloom anew in spring).

On a Taurus New Moon the focus is on calling in the resources we desire and expressing gratitude for what we have. It is about feeling worthy, of cultivating our values and being patient. It is being content with what we have in the now while also taking steps toward what we want.


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Venus is in Cancer, leading us to seek out comfort and cosiness and emotional nourishment from our relationships. Mars is also spending his last few days in Cancer before shifting into Leo. It will feel easier to create and express ourselves when Mars is in Leo. But before we get ahead of ourselves, we need to take the time to rest so we have the energy for what’s ahead.

We have been going through a change in our values system and how we feel about ourselves. If you have felt stirred up and shaken and still not sure of what to make of everything, give yourself a chance to let everything settle.

Your intuition speaks quietly. It is the gentle nudge, the whisper. Often we are so busy and surround ourselves with so much noise that we can’t hear it, or allow our bossy mind to take over, all the while feeling misplaced and out of sorts.

All this is to say that this New Moon calls for what nourishes your soul—and your stomach (let’s not forget that both Taurus and Cancer enjoy food). Slow-down, savour. Make everything pleasurable. Wear an outfit that makes you feel good. Please all your senses.

Journal prompts for this New Moon in Taurus:

What brings me pleasure?

Where can I develop more patience?

What is my relationship with money like?

What in my life makes me feel abundant?

What do I love about myself?

What does my intuition want to tell me?

The exact time of the New Moon in Taurus is:

AEST: Saturday 20 May @ 1.53am

United Kingdom: Friday 19 May @ 4.53pm

US Eastern: Friday 19 May @ 11.53am

US Pacific: Friday 19 May @ 8.53am

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