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Full Moon in Virgo

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Full Moon in Virgo, 27 February 2021

What a bumpy week. The Saturn-Uranus square threw curve balls between Facebook and news outlets in Australia, the Sun left the free-loving planet party in Aquarius for the dreamy, romantic yet sometimes illusionary vibes of Pisces, and Mercury stationed direct. On their own each of these would have seemed like a bit of a speed bump, but together they created a rollercoaster vibe where you didn’t know what to expect around the next bend.

Now we have the Full Moon in Virgo to shine a light on our health, habits and to make improvements to our systems and processes.

There are a lot of stereotypes about Virgos being super organised, pedantic, clean-freaks. But go deeper and you will find that at her core, Virgo is a healer who is here to serve. As an earth element it is grounded in the here and now—things we can see, smell, taste, touch, hear.

The real gift of Virgo is in creating systems and processes so that things run smoother and more efficiently, whether that’s in our work, our bodies or day-to-day lives.

While the highest expression of Virgo teaches us how to be of service, humble, discerning and analytical, the shadow traits are criticism, over-analysis, perfectionism and allowing people to walk all over us.

Virgo takes its place between romantic Leo and relationship-focused Libra. It reminds us that for a relationship to move from casual dating to a committed partnership we need to ensure that we stay whole and focused on who we are—it’s not about completing another but about complementing them. Similarly, Leo’s lessons of self-expression and in being seen flows into Virgo’s domain of how we show up to help others on a day-to-day basis, which then leads into creating good business relationships in Libra.

The mythology behind the sign is deep and complex. The word Virgo comes from the original meaning of virgin, being someone who is independent and autonomous. If you think about it this way ‘losing your virginity’ suddenly indicates the moment when you stopped being fully you and started fragmenting yourself into who others wanted you to be.

Virgo is also connected to the Vestal Virgins who kept the flames of ancient Rome alive. I interpret this story to how we keep our inner flame alive—the rituals, the focus and dedication to our body and work—so that we can serve others from a place of wholeness without needing anything in return.

The Full Moon is in what is called a Yod Kite, or ‘finger of God’ with Chiron in Aries (self-wounds) and Saturn in Aquarius (restrictions, groups), with the Sun in Pisces forming the peak. In this case, the Sun represents what needs to be consciously integrated—a connection to source, transcendence, bliss—to know that you are perfect and whole just as you are. The Moon’s trine to Uranus will give you a push to make changes and reclaim your individuality. Venus in Pisces will help nudge you toward a connection to a higher love.

This is an opportunity for us to connect back to our own healing energy and wholeness. It’s knowing that the divine exists within us, and we don’t have to go searching for it in anything or anyone else.

It’s about cleaning up your spiritual health at the same time as your physical health, understanding the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. It’s knowing that healing ourselves creates a ripple effect out into the collective consciousness.

I have been hard on myself lately for feeling like I haven’t been doing enough, that my health and fitness isn’t where it was a year ago, that my meditation habits have slipped and on and on down the self-criticism spiral. But the fact is, the way I use my time needs to evolve. For example, instead of scheduling time to sit and meditate, what’s more beneficial is practising mindfulness throughout my day when on a walk or when I’m eating a meal. It’s also about aligning my tasks to the planetary days and hours to enhance productivity and allow moments to pull back and rest; asking myself ‘how do I want to move my body today?’ instead of pushing through on a predetermined schedule. It’s detaching from my inner critic and accepting that where I am is exactly where I need to be. With this, I am strengthening the connection of the Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo.

The Full Moon is illuminating the systems and processes in our lives that need tweaking and improving and reminds us that things improve with daily action. Ideas are just ideas until we take action to turn them into something tangible, and Virgo is here to help us do that.

This Full Moon, ask yourself:

+ How will you adjust and improve the systems in your life?

+ Where have you given your power away? How will you reclaim it?

+ What makes you feel whole?

The exact time of the Full Moon is:

AEDT: Saturday 27 February @ 7.17pm

United Kingdom: Saturday 27 February @ 8.17am

US Eastern: Saturday 27 February @ 3.17am

US Pacific: Saturday 27 February @ 12.17am




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